David Yurman Rings

  1. What's up with the sizing being only sold in 6/7? :confused1::crybaby::yucky:
  2. They occasionally have size 5's and bigger at their stores as well as smaller store that carry them like Carlyle and Co. I think they just want to charge you extra to size things for you:p
  3. In my experience, the larger stone rings are usually in the bigger sizes while the smaller designs are in smaller sizes. Saks will size up or down 1 size for free. I "think" the average ring size, however, is a 7.
  4. I may have made a mistake typing this morning - I'm pretty sure it was 5/6 - not 6/7.
    :::running off to check websites now:::
  5. Yurman usually does only have size 6 and 7 in stock, sometimes 5 but they can special order any size that you need or size the ring. I have opted to special order Yurman rings and bracelets because I have very small fingers and wrists...
  6. I have to wear my mini hampton pearl ring on my middle finger. Ugh.