David Yurman Rings Albian Rings

  1. 7mm, 11mm, 14mm

    Which size do you have or prefer? I have a smaller one, but want a larger one, but don't know if i'd wear it everyday. Does anyone have pics they can post of their fingers with the rings on?

    I did a search on here already and found a few, most of them were the 14 mm, I believe. I'd love to see more though! Thanks!
  2. I completely agree! Please post opinions. I have been eyeing the petite albion for some time now and actually went to the DY store to put the one I want (smoky quartz) on hold for a few days. My question is this - 11mm too big for every day? I am torn between the 2 and really wanted something I will wear every day. petite or 11mm? help!
  3. I have a 11m in Lemon Ice that i got for my high school graduation present and i totally ADORE it! I wear it often, casually and love the way it looks. I don't think it's too big at all, just a statement piece!

  4. sammy - i do agree with you, and after going back to try them on again yesterday, this time I brought a friend for another opinion, I think i am going to go with the 11mm. So excited! Only problem now is I cant decide between smoky quartz and garnet....... oh, the dilemma!
  5. 11mm is the perfect size for the average size hand and fingers for everyday imo! I know lots of women who have the 14mm and even the 20mm or the elongated version! Yurman's stones are so gorgeous, they look amazing in ALL sizes! LOVE LOVE LOVE David Yurman!!
  6. love the smokey quartz, myself! happy you made a decision :smile: