David Yurman ring

  1. Has anyone ever gotten a DY Albion ring sized at a jeweler? I want to get one but the ring is a bit too small do you think I would be able to bring it to a jeweler or has anyone ever done so? TIA
  2. I purchased a DY ring from Saks (in NY on 5th) that was way too small, and they sized it before sending it over to me. I was going to end up taking it to a jeweler, because I didn't think Saks would size it for me, but they did!
  3. OH GREAT!!!! thank you maybe ill try and go there, bc i want one so bad but all i ever see are size 6 rings that dont fit me:tdown:
  4. I know what you mean!!! I'm about a 7.5 on my ring finger (which is where I wear the DY ring I bought), and it took me forever to buy it b/c I kept hoping a bigger size other than a 6 would pop up on the site, and I had no idea they would resize it until I finally called the NY Saks to purchase it.

    Glad I could help! :smile:
  5. i thought they had 6 and 7 listed on the dy website.. I think if you go to a dy store and you buy a ring thats too small they can exchange it for a bigger one.

    if you want dy to resize it when you buy somewhere else it'll cost you SO much more than a regular jeweler. ($50+, mine was 75 bucks and a size LOWER- so they got to keep my extra metal even)

    do a search, theres a thread that has the title of 'resizing yurman' that has a lot of ppl saying how much they wer charged to resize stuff
  6. Great to know..I have 2 DY rings that I need to size down so I can wear it on my ring finger instead of the middle.