David Yurman -- Ring Sizing

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  1. Does anyone know if DY offers ring sizing? I have the petite albion ring, and I'm currently wearing it on my ring finger, but would like to shift it to my middle finger, but its just too tight!

    I contacted them through email, and on live chat, but they were no help whatsoever, but I also think you're not reaching DY employees, but Neiman Marcus ones.

    Ok ok, let me know! Thanks.
  2. I've had rings sized down but not up...although, I don't see why they wouldn't. If you're close to a DY store, bring it in. You can also bring it to a DY counter at department stores. They'll send it in for you.
  3. Thanks mmr -- do you remember what the price was?
  4. When I went to Baileys, Banks & Biddle to get my ring they told me DY does not size rings. The jeweler took my ring size and DY made the ring to order. I had to wait like 8 weeks for it. When it came in the jeweler called me and said the ring was the my size but they put the wrong colored stone in. I said, "Well, just have DY change the stone." DY told them they could not (or would not) do that. I had to wait another 8 weeks for another ring to be made. I finally did get it and I really love it.
  5. Kat - are you an odd size? (like very large or very small?) I know they made this ring in the size I'd like it in, but I bought it months ago, not able to exchange. Although I know DY does do special order...which sounds like is what you got...

    This is sizing for an existing ring. UGH, the drama! ;)
  6. It was an odd size. 5-1/2 too tight and a 6 was too big. When sizing a ring they really need to remove the stone first. I've had a couple of bad experiences in the past with stones being damaged.
  7. I have a large size and DY made my ring. You can see on the back of the ring that they took a smaller ring and added more materials.
    The cost was not significant, maybe a few more dollars.