David Yurman ring lovers, come here & please help! Re-sizing question :)

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  1. Hi, all! I've got my heart set on a David yurman chatelaine ring. It'd be my first David Yurman piece, and I love the yellow gold--I feel like I finally found a style ring of his that I really truly love. I'm planning on buying one sometime this year (Which is another question that I have. DY rings aren't like bags, right? What I mean by that is that if I'm not ready to buy the ring till a whole year from now, it will still be being sold in stores, right? I know with Chanel jewelry and things some seasonal pieces are not kept to be sold in stores all year round like the classics are.) My ring finger is a size 4.5, but I might still need to get measured.

    My real question is, I would much rather buy the ring at a Saks Fifth Avenue instead of at a David Yurman boutique, so that way I can use my Saks Fifth Avenue store card to pay for the purchase. So if I bought the DY ring from Saks Fifth Avenue, how would I get it re-sized? Does Saks Fifth Avenue do the re-sizing right there? Or would I have to buy the ring from Saks Fifth Avenue (and bring my receipts--proof of purchase) and then bring it into the David Yurman store to get resized? Also, any additional resizing fees & things would be helpful if anyone knows about that. Thanks a bunch! Any help would be appreciated!
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  2. Hi. David Yurman does indeed phase out items and collections but Chatelaine is fairly new. You should be safe within the lifespan. I'm a size 4.25 ring and I've had them resized both at a trusted jeweler and through London Jewelers, which is an authorized dealer. Yurman outsources service on their jewelry so you're paying for name, not service. Lastly, always check the design of the ring to see if it can be resized or talk to Saks about ordering one in your size. They do that, too. Good luck!
  3. Thank you. I'm trying to decide between the 8mm version and the 11mm version. It's so hard, because the nearest David Yurman boutique ( Saks as well) is in a different state. I'm trying to find modeling pictures on the internet but can't seem to come up with any that will give me a good idea of the size. I'd love the 11mm version but my wallet would much prefer the 8mm version especially because I've gotten other goodies this year. It's hard to tell though because I can't find good photos of the size anywhere. I really thought that the David Yurman website would have modeling photos on a hand or something.
  4. I bought my one and only DY ring at the boutique and they resized it for free. I was between sizes. I would ask the boutique if they can resize the ring for you and how much it would approximately cost. I wouldn't tell them you are buying it elsewhere...they don't really need to know. I do recommend going through DY though.
  5. If its a cable design ring I dont think its advisable to have it resized. Its gonna ruin the design...
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