David Yurman Resizing

Jul 20, 2006
Hi! I just bought a david yurman yellow gold ring off of ebay. Any ideas as to the best way to have it resized? Do you know how much DY might charge to do it? Would they even do one that was not purchased at a DY licensed jeweler?

Any info/experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Cartier Love
Jun 24, 2007
Any Yurman retailer can likely size it for you. Making it larger costs a bit more since more metal needs to be added. My local Yurman retailer charges around $25 I believe. I think it may be more if you have it done directly through Yurman and it is likely to take a while to be send back to you since they send everything out. Basically, if there is a smooth sizing shank on the bottom any jeweler can size it for you. If it has the cable all the way around, then the jewler has to be famialar with cabling as many jeweler's who sell Yurman are. My jeweler, LUX. BOND & GREEN in the northeast has sized many Yurman rings for me, with and with the sizing shank,Most of which, I purchased on ebay also!
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