David Yurman Polishing Question

  1. Hey guys. I purchased a David Yurman ring (photo at bottom of post) about a month ago. It still looks gorgeous, but I can tell that on the very top part of the ring (the silver that lines the stone) has a few little scratches/nicks in it. I wear this ring all the time, so I know that it is just from wear and tear. Do any of you guys know if DY has a polishing service? I know they don't in the store, but I didn't know if there was a type of service like what Tiffany's customer service offers. I have Tiffany's polish a lot of my silver products from there, and the scratches are almost non existent when they clean them. But they won't polish anything that is not from their store. Anyway, I know I am being silly, but I am a perfectionist and I notice little things that no one else really does. So if any of you know if DY offers something similar, let me know! Thanks.

  2. Good question. I don't know the answer. The next time I'm in a DY store I'll ask. Too bad I didn't see this earlier today. I went past a DY store today. I would have stopped in there for you and inquired. Btw, I have the same ring you have but with an amethyst stone. It's a fabulous ring! I don't wear mine all the time though so it is not in need of a polishing ..... yet.
  3. I have sent back several pieces to have refurbished. They can actually remove the small dents or scratches from your piece. It cost's about $100.00 or so depending on the piece. I have had to do this with my 10mm bangles. I also know that the Neimans at Tysons Corner VA will allways repair for free. If you buy from the same person most of the time, they will usually do this free of charge. Good luck!
  4. I wanted to suggest for simple cleaning, to use the cloth that comes with the piece. I use mine all the time to clean my DY jewelry.
  5. thanks countrybilzor for the info, i wasn't aware that DY did that. i don't need it yet, but i have some pieces that i wouldn't trust sending anywhere else. for little issues, i'm sure a local jewler would do it for a charge. i have some nice ones around me that don't charge very much to clean up nicks in my jewelry.
  6. A good jewler can buff out any scratches you have on the ring. But sterling is a very soft metal, and you'll only get those scratches again.
  7. Very pretty ring in pic...congrats
  8. thanks y'all. i think i'm going to take it up to the store and talk to them about sending it out to be refurbished. it was only $590, so i am really hoping that the repairs won't cost very much. we'll see!
  9. I have the necklace version of that ring nad the diamonds are very dull and i was starting to wonder if it needed to be cleaned... I called Neiman Marcus, since I bought the necklace from them, and they said they send stuff to DY to be cleaned for customers. They could not, however, give me the cost. I keep meaning to drop my necklace off, but I haven't had time. If I do soon, I'll post what they charge me.
  10. Not only that, but it does remove some of the metal. I wouldn't have it done too often. These imperfections are just one of those things you have to expect when you wear jewelry. Unfortunately.

    Gorgeous ring! Love the split band design!