David Yurman Pieces

  1. I was just wondering what David Yurman pieces you may have...I would love to see pictures! I really love his designs and I am sure that there are some of you that may have something I have not seen!
  2. Someone one here has a huge Yurman collection. I'm going to see it I can find the thread.
  3. Ohh I'd love to see someone's DY collection. I don't own any pieces of his (yet.)
  4. I actually just got my first piece, the lavender petite albion ring with diamonds...I love it! Hubby doesn't know it yet, but it is my birthday present, lol! Like this only the stone is light purple.

  5. I have none. How :cry: is that! My husband on the other hand has PLENTY!!:blink: That's just plain wrong.:huh:
  6. That's beautiful! I can imagine it in a light purple... so pretty! Is that called a "halo" setting or a "cushion" setting or something like that? I love the look of cocktail rings with a halo of diamonds around the center stone.
  7. Really sweet ring! I am sure it is gorgeoous in purple. Post pic when you can for us to see.
  8. I have the split shank ring in amethyst.

    Here's a better pic of the ring from NM's website.


    I also have this chain but in a bracelet ....

    I can't think of anything else right now that I have from David Yurman.
  9. I swear we keep meeting like this!!!! What size bracelet do you have? Is it the midsize? LOVE IT!!!
  10. I think it is the midsize, Kellybag!:P The large one was too chunky and the small one was a little to delicate. I picked the medium one.
  11. here's my small collection:
  12. You all have some very pretty pieces! Kat, I think that I remember reading your post that it took you a while to get your ring ordered??? Very pretty, and worth the wait!
  13. I have that same ring - split shank amethyst ice from last fall. I love it! I think the amethyst pieces are so beautiful. I also have the amethyst ice 7mm cable bracelet and his thoroughbred 18k/ss locket. That is a very heavy piece though.

    No pics, sorry. I *really* have to take a few minutes and figure the whole system out...
  14. You have a good memory, LV Rawks!:P It was a nightmare getting the ring. They do not size the rings. You have to order the ring in your exact size, and they make the ring. Actually, this is the right way to do it so you don't damage the stone. I had picked out a gorgeous emerald ring in Bloomingdale's awhile ago and needed to have it sized. Their jeweler sized the ring with the stone in it and damaged the stone so badly I didn't buy it. :sad:
  15. oh, I LOVE DY! I have the ring pictured above only in a light green, called praseolite. My dad gives me something every year for Valentine's Day, I'll get around to posting them soon...