David Yurman Outlet

  1. Has anyone been to the outlet S. Florida? (Sawgrass Mills area)
    I was wondering if they have any good stuff in there.
  2. THERE ISAN OUTLET?? does anyone know if there is one in CA or NY?

  3. Yeah and according to the webiste for outlet mall. You can DY up to 40% off. I'm heading that way in couple of weeks just wondering if it's worth the drive to the outlet.
  4. Didn't even know they had an outlet store there...must be in the very new wing that opened up. I will make a point of checking that out for you all and give a report back. If I can help anyone out I would try.
  5. Yes it is in the new area. I'm heading that way next weekend. So if you go before then let me if they have anything good. Thanks in advance.
  6. No problem...I will try to get there before you. If not, report back please!!!
  7. My friend was there opening weekend - and Mr/Mrs Yurman were there! It is the only outlet so far. She also said they lots of pieces you do not see everywhere.
  8. Wow ... worth a trip to Florida!!!!!
  9. HOLY MOTHER!!:nuts: :nuts: I absolutly LOVE DY pieces. Every piece I have matches ANYTHING in the wardrobe. I'm not familiar with Florida, is it close to Orlando or Miami?

    Hmmm... I might actually "talk" to the boyfriend to take a vacation down there. hehe. :devil:
  10. ^Yes it's closer to Miami. I can't wait to go next weekend. I see some many pieces that I want. I have a couple of pieces.
  11. Update...my sister went and she said the store was very small. She also went mid-week and it was jammed with people. She said lots of gorgeous pieces...much in purple she said. She also told me people were buying it up.
    She is not great with specifics...I am much more of the details person, so when I go I will fill you all in.
    She did tell me there would be something for everyone there and much to choose from.
  12. She didn't buy chance see what the prices looked like did she?
  13. Sorry April...she is horrible at that. I love to know the prices and see if they are even a deal...Many stores at The Sawgrass are not great deals. They have merchandise made for the outlet.

    I doubt this is the case for DY. I swear I am going to try to get there. I am not sure if they are open on the 4th, but I will be minutes away, so if they are I am going to try and sneak in. I will make an attempt to find a popular piece or two and remember the prices for you all.
  14. Update is here! Finally made the visit and here we go...

    1)No Returns
    2)No Exchanges
    3)All Sales Final

    Merchandise is 30-40% off retail. Almost half of the store is gold and the other half siver pieces. They have a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. All different colored stones and of course things with diamonds. There are many large bold pieces.

    The chains that are in the store are not discounted if I heard correctly. You know the newer chunky silver chains.

    I was told some merchandise is there because they have a large inventory of it and they need to liquidate, some are pieces that have not sold well at the stores, some they send just to send and there is no reason for the pieces going there.

    There is also a small section of really adorable baby jewelry...especially extra tiny baby cable bracelets with the colored ends...both in gold and silver choices.

    They have watches as well.

    All in all...you can't go there with a specific piece in mind, but hey it just might be there. Or, you may find something else you love.

    That's the report!
  15. oooo my cousin that lives in ft. lauderdale is getting married in a few months, i am SO THERE.