David Yurman outlet?

  1. Hi there!!

    does anyone know how the David Yurman outlet is in Sawgrass Mills (or if it IS an outlet)? I'm going there on my birthday and would LOVE to pick out a birthday gift for myself hehe!
  2. I've never been to that one, but then one by me, at Woodbury Commons is only seasonal (Dec 1-24, I believe), and they had lots! They had the 7MM cuffs and other things that are still in the store, but they flew out. I got some great pearl pieces and something else with diamonds.

    Is Sawgrass Mills in FL? I'm pretty sure theres a Yurman outlet somewhere in Florida!
  3. Yup, its in/around Ft. Lauderdale...hoping to get a 7mm for my birthday...(from myself of course :p) So if anyone knows please please let me know! TIA!

  4. bubbles - I visited it for the first time last week (HUGE Yurman fan!). I was very pleasantly surprised!!! It has a lot of the basic pieces, but had an EXTREMELY nice selection of the gold pieces. Not all of the pieces are ones that are no longer in the store. There are quite a few that are still in the stores (may be a little more rare). Most of the pieces are at least 40% off the retail price. However, the basic chains are not discounted and are the same price as retail. If you are in that area, definitely worth the trip!!!!!!!:yes::yes:
  5. ahhh thank you so much fmd!! I am soo excited to go now!!
  6. ps this'll be my first DY purchase (hopefully)! :yahoo:
  7. bubbles, your lucky to have that DY outlet, i'm so jealous! let us know what you choose!
  8. I hope you find something gorgeous that you absolutely love. I just got my first Yurman pieces this Christmas from DBF and I absolutely adore them. Good luck!
  9. ohh I can't even explain how excited I am for Friday to come!! Thanks everyone!

  10. fmd youre very lucky!!
    i went up to sawgrass a couple months ago, and they were appalled when i mentioned the word discount/outlet store. lolol! i seriously told the sales lady, "Yes, ISNT THIS DY's OUTLET?" ITS NOT LIKE IM ASKING FOR HARRY WINSTON OR VAN CLEEF AND ARPELS!!!!! THIS IS DAVID YURMAN: GUY WITH SILVER JEWELERY?!!" She put a serious face and responded that david had "no sorts of outlets, REGRETTABLY, existed.."
    i just had to laugh and walked away. the nerve of the ignorance of the hag! :cursing: