David Yurman Lovers, let's see your collection!!

  1. I have loved David Yurman since I was little and I am very content with the collection that I have aquired. I would love to see what pieces other David Yurman lovers out there have! LOVE to see some pics of your Yurman beauties...:yes:

    My David Yurman collection:

    * Diamond Metro ring(wide)
    * Diamond station bracelet 7mm
    * Blue topaz small abion ring
    * Diamond albion enhancer
    * Triple cable station bracelet (vintage)
    * 10mm diamond smoky quart bracelet
    * Classic cable huggie hoops
    * Pink tourmaline diamond 7mm bracelet
    * Pink tourmaline diamond capri ring
  2. ooh can we see pictures?! i only have a petite albion amythest and its in the shop for resizing
  3. chanel-girl, you have fabulous collection, please do post pics!
    I just bought a 14mm albion ring in prasiolite. I really love it!
  4. ooh great collection! i would love to see pics.
  5. Here's mine

  6. Wohooo! I :heart: David Yurman. Here's my collection...





    David Yurman earrings.JPG David Yurman rings.JPG David Yurman bracelets.JPG David Yurman necklace.JPG David Yurman necklace (closeup).JPG
  7. Wow Wow Wow! GORGEOUS David Yurman ladies!!
  8. Adding my list to this thread:

    Four 5 mm bangles - pearl tips, hook and eye closure (buckle), one gold station, and tourqouise/amethyst

    Two necklaces - acorn and citrine cookie
  9. I will try to post pics of my Yurman collection soon...keep the great Yurman pics coming ladies!!! I'm drooling over here over all this beautiful David Yurman!!:drool::drool::drool:
  10. wintotty, I love your prasiolite ring. Stunning!!!!!! Such a statement piece.

    SuLi, I'd love to see your citrine cookie necklace. DY's citrine is so rich. I'm dying for something citrine myself.
  11. I am so jealous right now, LoL
  12. gorgeous DY pieces! i was also in a DY phase in the past and i'll try to post pics soon.....
  13. OOh, pretty! I just bought the 11mm version of the prasiolite ring... I was *thisclose* to the 14mm, but the saleswoman thought it looked too big for me. (Who knew there was such a thing).

    I still keep thinking about that bigger size-- just lovely--- but I really am happy with my 11mm.

    Please, ladies, keep posting your collections!!!!
  14. Bring it, pazt! ;) We wanna see your Yurman.

    And thanks for the compliment! I bought most of my Yurman pieces a couple of years ago, and I have completely neglected my other jewelry since then. I love how all the DY mixes and matches so well.
  15. lovely collections ladies keep them coming!