David Yurman link necklace durability


Jul 27, 2017
I am considering purchasing the two-tone oval link necklace but I just learned that the gold links are not solid but bonded gold. I would plan to wear this piece frequently so I am worried about the gold rubbing off where the links meet. I will probably purchase on the preowned market so I can stomach the price (though still overpriced for bonded gold) if I knew that it would be durable. Does anyone have experience they can share with this piece?

If purchasing this piece is not advisable, does anyone know of a similar style that might be a better option? I really love the chunky two-tone but still elegant look. Thank you!


Oct 9, 2006
I have a two-tone David Yurman link bracelet with bonded gold that is probably 10 years old or older. It still looks great and I still wear it, although not daily, fairly often. I also have a few other pieces, and it's been my experience that David Yurman jewellery is very durable.