David Yurman Gold is vermeil???

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  1. I was trying on some DY pieces yesterday and the SA told me that most of his silver and gold (like bracelets etc) pieces utilize a gold plating where the gold is layered over sterling. One of the bracelets I was looking at was in the $600 price range. That is a lot for gold plating.. don't you think?! The bracelet was mainly silver with a few gold links. I thought they were real 18K links until she told me they were not. I was shocked to find out they were plated for that price!:wtf:
  2. Buyer beware!
  3. rip-off if that's true. all that money for costume jewelery? ridiculous.
  4. This is the bracelet-


    This is what it says on the website that I just noticed -

    *Please Note: This item contains 18-karat yellow bonded gold.

    This particular bracelet is $550. What a rip!
  5. Wow, I wonder if that is a new thing!
    I think that bracelet has been around for a while and I am 90% that the links used to be actual gold.
    I have the small cable bracelet and the caps that hold the blue topaz stones are definitely 14k yellow gold, not bonded.
  6. Yeah, I don't think all of his jewelry with gold is bonded. I think if it is it would be noted like the bracelet is. But still...

    There are two of his bracelets that I want and will probably be getting soon, but I will make sure I ask if they contain bonded gold. That just doesn't sit well with me for the price.
  7. That is why I would only buy his silver jewelry.
  8. Pretty much these days you really need to ask...many things at NM are vermeil, brass etc. They look good...BUT, ask quesyions before buying. As long as you know and you are ok with it that is fine.
  9. That is a rip off for plating! Good thing you found out prior to buying it!
  10. Wow! Thanks for the info. I've been coveting a few of his pieces but I think I'll pass now.
  11. Greentea he does have some great pieces. Just ask about the plating (or bonding) when you look at the items you are interested in. Like I said, I don't think all his gold is bonded. I don't think his signature cable bangles are bonded and that is what I want.
  12. Several years ago, I went to a David Yurman trunk show. They do make solid gold pieces. However, at that time, you had to special order them. At that time, a basic cable style men's bracelet in solid 14k or 18 k gold cost more than 3000 and took about 6 weeks to be crafted. Also, interestingly enough, I was told that a lot of men purchased the plain women's bracelets because they liked the styles better. However, this was several years ago, and they have expanded their men's styles.
  13. Thanks, crJ!
  14. ^^^I think you are correct about this. I think they have used "bonded gold" on some items to make them less expensive and attract additional (younger) customers.
  15. What a rip off!! I'm not a big fan of DY anyway (I find his pieces too big for me), but for those that do - $600 is entirely too much to pay for something that is only gold plated.
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