David Yurman Deals???

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  1. Hi TPFers!!!

    This is my first ever thread, so I apologize for any mistakes. I'm in desperate need of my fellow tpfers help. My aunt is turning 50 yrs old next week. My cousin and I would like to purchase a David Yurman bracelet for her, but we're in desperate need of a deal. I've checked my local Last Call and off 5th, but have come up empty handed. If anyone comes across or knows of any David Yurman deals please post them. Thank you so much in advance. I've found so many great deals in the past thanks to so many wonderful tpfers!
  2. This is a designer that generally doesn't have discounts. You may be able to save tax if you buy out of state and ship it your home address, but that's about it. Good luck.
  3. Thanks so much for your advice, I ended up ordering online from bloomingdales with 20 percent off, and used my discover card for another 10 percent off, so it ended up being a great deal.
  4. I have read they have discount outlets before....don't know the details, maybe do a google search?
  5. there's one in florida, vegas, and woodbury commons ny that i know about.
  6. whoah there is a david yurman outlet in woodbury? SO going there when I visit my family in NJ this August!!!
  7. yeah its in london jewelers- ive never purchased anything, but ive tried things on. the salespeople and very nice.
  8. Thanks :smile:
  9. Check out estate auctions - the reputable auction houses guarantee the authenticity and these are estate pieces so you can get pretty darn good pieces for a fraction of the retail price. I pick up a lot of my stuff on there, really nice pieces, and the insurance company definitely accepts their invoices as proof of authenticity. I do buy fine art as well, and designer handbags now and then. But, buying brand new is always wonderful, how did you do with your gift?
  10. Where's the Vegas outlet??
  11. Where do you find these estate auctions??
  12. There are two outlets near the strip, but you have to take a cab there. Its been over a year since ive gone to those outlets, so i dont remember, but i know there are two, north and south. I THINK the yurman outlet is in north.
  13. If any of your local jewelry stores sell DY, I've purchased a few highly discounted pieces at the family jewelry store that I get most of my jewelry from.

    Maybe try a local jeweler who is an authorized DY seller?
  14. Ah you're right- I just looked up the premium outlets in north LV. I will have to go there next time I'm in Vegas! :graucho:
  15. Well, there are a few - try liveauctioneers.com or invaluable.something, cannot remember right now. They give you a huge number of auction houses that are holding auctions at any given time. There are also government auctions and so forth. And the consignment places, they are all over the place, like TheRealReal, Bluefly, etc. I got a pair of diamond studs Hearts on Fire for 1/3 the price and they were brand new (estate). Once you start to search, you will find a ton of stuff. Christie's and Sotheby's also has luxury handbags and jewelry at times. You have to register for those types of auctions, but Bluefly etc, you just buy. Also One Kings Lane has a great selection of estate now and again although the prices are a bit high. Once you hook into one of them, others should pop out of the woodwork. Liveauctioneers is amazing and I get exhausted hunting. Another place? Look locally for estate sales. They won't be selling the jewelry there, but if you can connect with them, they may call you when they come into what you want to buy. The auction market is HUGE. Hope that helps!