David Yurman Crossover Earrings


Feb 6, 2007
Beautiful Bluegrass State
My daughter bought these for me at the David Yurman store in Troy, MI. The first picture is from the website. IMG_1482688531.266013.jpg

This photo is the actual earrings that she received. In the website photo, there appear to be two different earrings so that they are symmetrical when you wear them. My earrings are both the same, so the crossover is the same on both sides, not curving toward you face, if that makes sense. IMG_1482688708.924416.jpg

My questions...does this bother anyone else? It was the first thing that I noticed when I opened the box. Second, they told her she only had 7 days to return after Christmas. On the website it says returns must be made to the store where the purchase was made. We are in Kentucky, the store where purchase was made is 6 hours away. Closest DY store is 3.5 hours away. Has anyone ever returned to a different store or by mail?


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May 23, 2006
Yes you are correct that for the DY Crossover line, the design on each earring in a pair should go in the opposite direction from the other, so they are different and there is a "left" earring and a "right" earring. I would suggest you contact DY customer service on Monday or Tuesday when they reopen to see what your return options are. Don't worry I'm sure it'll work out and you'll soon be enjoying your nice gift! :smile: