david yurman - child bracelet for adult?

  1. does anyone know how it compares to the adult version? I have very thin wrists, and it said that a child's would fit up to a 6.5 " wrist which would be more than enough for me. Most of my bracelets are always too big anyway... anyone ever seen one in real life?


  2. hi maryanne,

    i felt the same exact way!! the child's bracelet fit me, but it looked too puny on me. i felt the body of the bracelet was just too thin. but it may work for you, try it on in person, or buy somewhere with a good return policy, in case it doesnt work out.
  3. do you know if it is like the 5mm? in thickness? thanks :smile:
  4. I believe the child bracelets are 4mm.
  5. Ah, very interesting to know.. thanks for the info!
  6. they are 4mm which is a little bit smaller but stacked they are nice, my friend has one and it is tight on her wrist and cannot slide up or down really i prefer the movement of the 5mm
  7. Yes the child's size is 4mm I believe and the accents are also much smaller. I have small wrists and have had my Yurman bracelets special ordered by Yurman in the small wrist size. The average Yurman cuff bracelet is 7" inside and the small wrist is 6" inside. My wrists are less then 5" around and the small wrist size fits me much better then the average size. I have never tried the child's as i prefer the 7mm size and I do agree the child's would look a but "puny" even on a small wrist just because everything is tailored to a child's wrist.
  8. That would be great if it fit you. The child bracelets are much cheaper.
  9. The 5 MM is pretty small, so I imagine the child's bracelet is probably quite tiny. However, if you have extremely delicate wrists, I suppose you could pull it off. I doubt I could.
  10. defintiely interesting to know, will have to go to the store and try it out just in case. so hard to tell online! thanks for the input!
  11. I love these bracelets :love: I also have small wrists and I'm interested in the child's size May birthstone bracelet as a birthday gift :nuts:

    Post pictures if you buy the bracelet, MaryAnne!