david yurman cable cuffs

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  1. I have been searching for an all silver no stone yurman cuff. From what I saw, that's near impossible. Has anyone seen one?
  2. I know people have mixed feelings about david yurman. I would like one piece, his cuffs are very viking style which i like :smile:
  3. loving that darkended silver one... and the aluminium ones look neat.
  4. I tried in the green one but the color wasn't as vibrant IRL. They also stressed the aluminum is not meant as an everyday piece.

    The $9500 rose gold is stunning in person BTW.
  5. Aluminum?
  6. I wonder if they sell this at neiman marcus. I also have a nordstroms near me... Hm.
  7. Nordstrom told me that they were pretty sure only boutiques were getting the anniversary bracelets. They also mentioned that they didn't think you could squeeze and adjust the aluminum like you can a little with the normal cable ones.

    I have dreadfully small wrists so this (and the warning to be careful with aluminum) kind of turned me off. I need my jewelry to stand up to lugging around two kids. Though the renaissance design is lovely!
  8. The anodized aluminum ones will scratch and wear very quickly. I looked at them and the display ones already had scratches. The salespeople have been told to tell people not to wear them in stacks, and they agreed when I asked about scratches. It's an interesting idea, but not worth it. Better to get sterling or gold. I saw the sterling and it's beautiful.
  9. I am not particularly surprised. When I think of aluminum, durability isn't really the first thing that comes to mind. I also think $350 is a lot of money to drop on something that isn't even made from precious metals.
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    I agree. It's best to put it toward something silver or gold. The sterling silver one is $850. I tried one on and it's gorgeous. MUCH nicer than the aluminum.
  11. i popped into Nordstrom's today, and she also mentioned the aluminum ones. they didn't have them in stock, but she told me that they can special order one if I want it. they look fun, but i think i want silver.
    i did not know this, but apparently you can custom order a Yurman piece? I tried on a 10mm, and it was way too thick for me. I like the next size down, the 7mm alot. I might try to have a renaissance made in 7mm.
  12. i love my DY pieces. i have an older Smoky Quartz Albion ring that i still wear several times a week. some people feel that they are out-dated but i think it's a classic:smile:

    i've seen some nice bangles/cuffs from time to time on eBay.