david yurman buckle/diamond ring or albion diamond prasiolite?

hi all!
i went to the gem and jewelry show here last week and got some $ for scrap that i had...so, i would like a nice right hand ring that i can wear every day...i can't seem to post pics of them...they are on the dy website though...one is the albion prasiolite (pale green stone) and diamond with a double shank and the other is silver with a diamond buckle...would love some thoughts/opinions from you as to which one you like better...i can only get one now...
lol, thanks shallowgal, but, that's why i posted it, i want to know what you all think!!!getting the prasiolite would enable me to buy something else, too, but, i don't want to talk myself into it either way...i want to get what i love or else i know that it will end up on ebay and i'll take a huge loss on it...ugh...decisons, descisions!!
thanks, chanel-girl...it was a difficult decision (all of my decisions should be so hard..!)...i have a blue topaz ring by john atencio and didn't want to overdo the blue topaz, but, the yurman ring is very different looking and is just an amazing piece...the prasiolite and morganite (which i LOVE) both disappeared on me because my skin is so fair...the buckle ring just kind of looked meh, but, the blue topaz is gorgeous! thanks for your response!