David Yurman bracelets - which size?

  1. Hey all, I want to purchase the classic dy bracelet but am trying to decide between the 5mm and the 7mm.

    On my 5'4" frame, I have freakishly thin arms - for visuals, i can fit a LV speedy 25 handle very close to my shoulders. i actually am able to wear children's jewelry.

    so that being said, would the 7mm be too big? is there a more "classic" or "popular" size. i want to get an idea before i go to the boutique, thanks!
  2. i am 5'2 and have small wrists...i have the 5mm, which i think would be a better deal for you. they look cute alone, or when you have more than one you can stack them. plus, i think it would compliment your small frame more than a 7mm would. however, i would try both on in the store to see what you prefer.
  3. I am 5'4 and have the 5 mm and stack them, I think it works better for me, too
  4. I'm almost 5'7", I don't have a small frame, but I do have small wrists. I have the 5mm size, and I think that size would look good on you. But as melissa said, you should try them on first if you can. Let us know what you decide!
  5. I'm 5'2" with an average/slim build and my husband got me a 7mm for xmas. I have slim hands and wrists also so I thought I'd go for 5mm also but the 7mm looks great on its own and gets many compliments.
  6. Hi there!
    I noticed that you said that you wear a lot of children's jewelry. I have teeny wrists as well, and I bought the children's version of the David Yurman silver cable bangle. I've attached some pictures, with and without flash, so you can see the size of my wrist, and how the bangle looks. The picture is actually of a Balenciaga bag that I own, but it just so happens that I'm wearing the DY bangle as well. : )

    Let me know what you think, and good luck with your choice!
    watermarked edit DSC06073.JPG watermarked edit DSC06077.JPG
  7. Would anyone mind measuring the circumference of their wrist for me? Mine is almost exactly 6 inches around. I would like it to fit like queenofcouture's does, so it doesn't flop around.
  8. Babyhart, it really depends on what look you're after. The 5mm looks more dainty and feminine on the wrist. The 7mm looks chunkier and hipper, and in my opinion, it's the most commonly worn size.

    I have smaller than average wrists--probably not as small as yours, but small. (They measure about 6 1/4 or 6 1/2 inches around with a tape measure.) I own both sizes of DY bangles, and they fit the same on me. Neither of them flops around. Also, keep in mind that these bracelets are somewhat bendable, so after you put them on, you can squeeze the two ends together to make them fit a bit tighter.

    As the others suggested, you should definitely try on both sizes and see which you prefer. Personally, I like the 7mm better. When I wear the 5mm by itself, it doesn't seem substantial enough, and I usually layer it with another bracelet.

    Here's some comparision pics of my 5mm pearl and diamond bangle and my 7mm lemon citrine bangle.



    DY bangle1.JPG DY bangle2.JPG DY bangle3.JPG
  9. Thanks! Those are beautiful.
  10. Does anyone have a dy children's hampton bracelet? I'm curious as to the size? I have tried on a the cable 5mm children's and that fits well, but am trying to find something that will look nice stacked next to it. Thanks!
  11. I also have very small wrists (about 6" around) and have been looking to purchase my first piece of DY. I def think the childrens' pieces are worth looking into..
  12. I'm 5'3" and have smallish wrists (although reading the posts, I don't think they are small enough for the children's line) - I wear three 5mm bracelets stacked together.
  13. I'm 5'5 and not too thin, but have really skinny wrists (less than 6in around). I wear two 5mm DY bracelets every day, a pearl tipped and gold tipped. I love them! I agree with Cosmopolitan about the 7mm looking better, i just don't like the way they look on me. Although maybe it would work for evening. As for the children's size, i've never tried them on on but would be curious to see how they fit others with little wrists. Good luck on your buying and definitely try a bunch on when you go to the boutique. Have fun!!
  14. my wrists are 5 1/4" and though i don't own any of these i've tried them on, and for me the smaller is definitely better.. when and if i buy i'll be getting the children's size though, as i'd want it to be less of a bangle and more of a bracelet.
  15. Cosmopolitan: beautiful bracelets :biggrin:

    I too got small wrist, so i would probably choose the 5mm rather than the 7mm..