David Yurman bangles - how many is TOO many?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have a set of three, 5mm DY bangles that I wear everyday and get compliments on. I just really love DY bangles, and last week, purchased this, but with turquoise instead of topaz:

    [​IMG] (picture from NM)

    Is wearing four, 5mm bangles together too much? My other three are with: pearl tips, hook and eye closure, and a singular gold station. I thought it was nice to inject some color to the set...but worry that maybe all four bracelets together seem too ostentatious?
  2. Maybe you could post a modelling pic so we could judge it better.
  3. I would love to see modeling pics!

    That being said, I think you could get away with it, as the bracelets are not thick to begin with...i bet it would cute.

    lol... I sometimes see ladies sporting fat wonderwoman bangles 2 or 3 to a wrist and i always want to ask if they moonlight as superheroes in their spare time...:lol:
  4. I think you need to get one more to total five; I think bangles work best in odd numbers. I love your new one!
    I'm on a yurman bangle hunt myself. I only have the 5mm cable with blue topaz endcaps so I "need" two more. :smile:
  5. I would love to see a picture of them all on your wrist. I think three is a very good number, that is how many of mine I wear at once.
  6. I love the new bangle! That's my next jewelry purchase...another DY bangle. :smile:

    I agree...we need modeling pics. Also, I think it depends on what other jewelry you have going on. For instance, do you wear a watch, rings, etc?

    I posted some photos of the Yurman jewelry I wear everyday. I wear the two bangles, sometimes one on each arm, usually the blue topaz on my left hand w/ my watch, or sometimes I wear my watch on my left and both the buckle and the blue topaz on my right. It depends what I'm doing that day to be honest. I'm in medical school, so generally I do the bangle on each arm so it's "less showy". Half the time, people think they are those damn golf bracelets anyways. LMAO Otherwise, when I'm not at the hospital, I wear the two bracelets together. They are both 7mm.

    I also wear the Yurman ring everyday. I wear it on my "ring" finger though and most people think it's my gorgeous engagement ring. I wear it on that finger just because it looks best there. I use it to my advantage though because for some reason, the nurses and my attendings are nicer to me when they think I'm engaged or married. LOL Trust me, I have tested it out.

    Honestly, I can see why you would want to wear them all! I love Yurman and I always get compliments on my pieces. And, like I said earlier, half the time people don't even realize that it is a designer brand; they just :heart: how it looks. It doesn't surprise me that this happens to you too!

    So, please try to get pictures of how you would wear them on an everyday basis and then we can probably give you our opinion. ;)
    DY blue topaz.jpg DY buckle.jpg DY Diamond Ring.jpg
  7. I've attached some modeling pictures below. One is of all four and the other picture is of the three that I normally wear. I wear my bangles on the right arm.

    As far as other jewelry, I typically wear my watch (and some days I don't) and my ering on my left arm. I don't wear other jewelry if I am wearing my bracelets.

    With the pictures, do you guys think it's too much?
    Picture 249.jpg Picture 250.jpg Picture 251.jpg
  8. I love DY jewelry too! I think they're funky but have that sophistication. I think wearing the 4 bracelets together is a tad much for everyday use. But if you're going out to dinner or a party, it's more appropriate.
  9. I love the way that looks! That isn't too many at all. DY pieces look great in multiples. :yes:
  10. SuLi, nice new bangle you got there! I think the 5mm size is small enough that you can wear four together without it looking over the top. :tup: And the new one adds a nice dose of color to the ensemble. Congrats.
  11. I would wear two on each hand, or alternate out bracelets depending on what I'm wearing.
  12. I guess I am going to be the only one that says it's one bracelet too much IMO!?! Sorry. I love each one and the three together but the four is a bit overwhelming.
  13. i think they look best in two or three...four's a bit too much IMO...i like the third pic best (the one with u wearing three) ^_^
  14. I love those bracelets!!!!!!!
    Two on the right arm and two on the left would be a great compromise....but I dont think that all four together is too much at all.....
  15. I think 4 is too many. Three looks good, maybe if you put the colored bracelet in the middle, but even with three it looks a bit much. Or wear 2 on each wrist?