David Yurman bangles - does anyone have a 7mm or 10mm picture?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm thinking about getting a new DY bangle...but, I want to depart from my usual 5mm bangles. I haven't had a chance to get to a store with DY jewelry (sooooo busy with work), so I was wondering if anyone out there owns either a 7mm or 10mm bangle, would you mind posting a picture of it on your wrist?

    I'm greatly indebted...thanks! :flowers:
  2. Hi Suli,
    I have a 7mm pink tourmaline diamond Yurman bangle, a 7mm diamond station bracelet and a 10mm smoky quartz diamond bangle that is my mother's but I wear it sometimes. I have a very small wrist of less then 5" and am very petite and I prefer to wear the 7mm size by itself for everyday or the 10mm alone on special occasions. I pefer the 5mm size stacked together with a few other 5mm. I used to have a 5mm that I wore by itself but I decided it was a little too delicate and sold it for the 7mm size. I will try to post some pics of my bracelet a little later...
  3. Thanks for the response....I typically wear three 5mm stacked together, and I'm particularly interested in seeing how much bigger the 7mm and 10mm are when worn.
  4. I think the 10mm is a huge jump from the 5mm. I have small wrists too, but feel that the 5mm are just too small, and I don't love stacking. I think the 7mm are perfect, and you could do 2 of them, or if your wrists are really really tiny, one may look great all on its own, esp if you do one with pave diamonds or from the renassance collection.
  5. I don't have any pics, but I have the 7mm and I love it. The 5mm was too small and the 10mm was too big IMO. I think if you're going to size up from the 5mm, I think the 7mm would be the way to go. Try doing a search on the forum for David Yurman- I'm fairly certain people posted some pics of their bracelets there.
  6. I agree the 7mm is a greta size from going up from stacking 5mm. I have a very tiny and I think the 7mm with stones and diamonds is the perfect size by itself on me. I like the 10mm also but it's definitly much more of a "statement piece" on me and looks a bit too bold on me for everyday but I have seen many women wearing 10mm for everyday and it looks perfect on them! I have even seen ladies stacking the 10mm size and that looks amazing on the right person! Go try them on in person and see what size/combinations you like best on your wrist and fit best with your personal style. Whatever you decide, Yurman always looks so classy and chic!
  7. I searched the threads before posting and there aren't any pictures of members wearing bracelets beyond 5mm. Lots of pictures of the bracelets alone.

    I managed to hop into a local store during my lunch break to try both the 7mm and 10mm bangles. I have to admit, being used to my 5mm, the 10mm was a big jump. I think the next logical step for me is a 7mm.

    Thanks for all the responses.

  8. Ah, sorry- I guess I did just see the bracelets alone. I have the Pearl 7mm. Which are you thinking about? Definitely let us know which 7mm you end up getting!
  9. heres a pic of my 5mm pearl and 7mm blue topaz
    Photo 2.jpg
  10. Wow! I guess seeing it together makes a big difference! I wonder what a 5mm looks like next to a 10 mm!

    :confused1:I have two 5mm blue topaz bangles but maybe I should sell them and get just one 7mm
  11. i know i love the 7mm i wear it alone and it is perfect!