David Yurman Bangle Sizing..?!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    wondering if any one of you know if there are different sizes for bangles? i absolutely love his designs but I have super small wrists!!!!
  2. Yes, there are at least two different sizes for the round bangles. The open bangles come in one size, but the children's size large works for many skinny-wristed ladies.
  3. i have really small wrists and only wear the 5mm bangles. i think anything larger would look weird on me. i am thinking of trying the kids size ones also...
  4. You can special order any Yurman bracelet directly from Yurman in his small wrist size. I have done this and it fits my very small wrists perfectly!
  5. oh thanks ladies =) very helpful
  6. Definitely! Their bangles are also super bendy, very accomodating to different size wrists.
  7. I want one of the children's bangles, and it says if the wrist is less than 4.75 inches to go for the small size, or over 4.75 inches go for the large.

    My wrist is 5 inches and I like bangles to fit quite snug so they don't annoy me by shifting around too much. In the picture the size difference between the large and small looks quite pronounced. Are they made to fit quite loose or snug? Would the small be okay?

    I'm in Australia so have no way to try them on. I've never even seen one in real life!
  8. The open bangles with the different tips come in s,m,l,xl. They can also be special ordered at any Bloomingdales fine jewelry counter
  9. Some of the cable bracelets can be bent in or out to become smaller or larger. I just pinch mine in more to make it smaller and it is perfect.