David & Victoria Epecting??

  1. OMG I'm so excited if they are..Congrats!!! Read it from People. If everyone knew already sorry I'm slow LOL!!

    David and Victoria "Posh" Beckham, who are reportedly expecting a fourth child (to join their three boys: Brooklyn, 7, Romeo, 3 and Cruz, 1), touch down at the airport in Nice, France, where the couple visited pal Bono's Eze bord de Mer beachfront villa on Monday.
  2. British tabloids saying she is. I hope so!!!:nuts:
    preg1wi7.jpg preg2cj0.jpg preg3bb4.jpg
  3. I am crossing my fingers in hopes of it being a girl..... if its not I am worried about how many kids Becks will end up having.... VB seems pretty determined!:lol:
  4. Awww!! I hope she gets her girl.
  5. atleast if she doesnt, she is well on the way to her own 5 a side footie team :biggrin:
  6. bout time she will put on some weight, i hope.
  7. wow!!! way to go beck! :roflmfao:
  8. I kinda hope its not a girl as I'm sure she will be tooo overboard with it and the boys won't stand a chance! Still she's on that citrus thing and that worked for a girl for me so she will prob get her wish
  9. If they had a girl she would be the most beautiful baby ever!
  10. i'm soo excited for them! i LOVE the beckhams! their life is a dream. i really hope she get's her girl. like me, when i have a daughter, i'm going to make her my barbie, and i'm sure victoria will do the exact same. that'll be one spoiled girl! (luuuckky)!
  11. Wow, if she is!
  12. That First Picture Is Fabulous ~ Of Both Them!!!!!! I Hope She's Pregnant....Good For Them & Their Beautiful Family!!! :smile:
  13. I hope she is pregnant too. 4 kids! Good for her!
  14. I know I should not be thinking this but,
    If her ever wants to leave her???? ??

    She will make him pay$$$$ and pay $$$$
    ask Eddie Murphy he has like 5 kids.