David&Victoria Beckhams new photoshoot!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Hot! They're awesome! :nuts:
  3. does she smile? Ever?
  4. lol
  5. ^^Hahah she does,just never in paparazzi photos.And these are pictures from the photoshoot so of course she isnt grinig there.
  6. Guess she's like Mariah who only wants to be photographed from either the right or left of her face. Guess Posh only wants non smiling photos probably thinks its sexier or she might have a complex about her teeth :shrugs:

    But I like when she smiles
  7. ^^I dont think its that.I mean look at the photos that we get of her?They are all paparazzi snaps of her wallking down the street,shopping,leaving a restaurant.So why the hell should she smile like a stupid b****
    Look at her interviews!Its a totally diffrent image,she is relaxed and smiles all the time.
    I f i had 150 paparazzis waiting for me when i went skiing i wouldnt smile either.
    I also doubt she has a complex,like in this picture(that was taken at a charity event hosted at their house,she is smiling).She even jokes about it herself!
  8. omg david beckham is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOOOOTTTTTTTTTT
  9. Or in this picture she is laughing her head off,its just when she isnt so aware of the cameras or when they are not in her face!

  10. Oh man!!! LMAO! :true: Maybe because I am an American? I don't get her?
  11. Actually, I prefer when she doesn't smile.;)
  12. ^Very strangley but me too. :lol:
    I mean she has that face like models do,you know when they look totally fierce with serious face and then like freakingly diffrent when they smile. :lol:
    Its weird but i preffer her fabulously serious "Anna Wintour" fashionista look. :lol:
  13. Sizzling !!!
  14. nice picture. very nice couple
  15. She has an weird, strained, fake-looking smile in my opinion so I don't blame her for never smiling.