David & Vicky B To Be Sued For $1Million

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  1. David and Victoria Beckham to be sued for £1million

    Sunday December 10th, 2006 at 4:19 pm by LucyLastic

    [​IMG]David and Victoria Beckham are to be sued for £1million after allegedly snubbing a guest at their pre-World Cup party in May.
    The guest, Dave West, paid £103,100 at a charity auction for tickets for the star-studded black-tie party hoping that it would raise the profile of his London club Hey Jo but he claims an aide of theirs branded him “unsavoury” and refused to let him wear his chosen pink suit to the party or mix with other celebrity guests.

    Regarding his court case, Dave told the People newspaper: “They made me feel thoroughly unwelcome despite my sizeable donation to charity. For some reason they wanted my money but not me.”

    “I had been told I was bidding for tickets to the whole event. But when the auction was over I received a phone call from a man called Simon Oliveira who introduced himself as the Beckhams’ public relations man.”
    “It wasn’t a conversation - he just dictated to me. I was told that I could only attend the reception and NOT the main party. Once there, I was NOT allowed to speak to any other guests and I was NOT allowed to hand out any business cards or have a camera. They also wanted me to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

    “Then I was told I had to wear a black tie and NOT my pink, suit. There was NO negotiation - they just wanted to make things difficult for me. I reckon they were worried about me and my pink suit taking some of the limelight away from them because they want all the publicity for themselves.”
    “It should have been a fun day in the name of charity. But after the way they behaved, I think that David and Victoria are egotistical control freaks.”
    “They think they are untouchable - but they are not.”

    Dave will suing the couple of breach of contract and defamation when he enters the papers at the High Court in London tomorrow.

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  2. :wtf:
  3. They said black tie, not pink tie. LOL I think its rude they did that regardless. He donated a lot of money not to be able to partake in all of the festivities. I don't think he will win that much money. Maybe he will get back his donation?
  4. Yet another person looking for his 15 minutes of fame at Beckham's expense.:s I wonder what took him so long? Wold Cup party was back in June.
  5. I dont know...in this case i'm gonna have to side with Dave or whatever his name is because he did bid on tickets and if the auctioneers told him it was for the entire event, not just the reception, then it is technically false advertisement on their half. Come on, the guy just donated alot of money, the least they could do is accomodate him as a guest. He's right though. The Beckhams, and alot of other celebrities, think they're untouchable but they need a reality check. just my opinion though...
  6. ^^^ita
  7. hahhaaa don´t believe this at all.
  8. Uhm, yeah! ALL of this is in the auction! Their party = their rules, as far as I am concerned! And as for him handing out his business cards at the ball, give me a break! This event wasn't put on for him to promote his venue.:s And, BTW, nice try on his part to bring up the name of his club in this bogus newflash so it'll get some media exposure.:yucky:
  9. here's the copy form the auction:

    David & Victoria Beckham World Cup Football Party Invite

    Victoria and David Beckham have donated an invitation for two guests to attend the reception at the Full Length & Fabulous Ball on Sunday the 21st May 2006, to include a photograph of the couple to be taken with Victoria & David. The Full Length & Fabulous Ball will be held at their home in Hertfordshire and the reception commences at 7.30 pm until 9 pm. Not valid for members of any media. Winning bidder will be required to sign a legally binding document stating they are not a member of the media, UK or otherwise, and also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Both guests must pass a criminal background check, no one with any serious criminal history will be permitted to take part from this auction. Travel expenses and accomodations are the responsibility of the winning bidder.

    i think that "dave" guy really deserved to be treated nicer, after all he paid that much money...
    so i must say, "go dave!!!:​

  10. Yeah, I dont think he got the picture with the David and Victoria so he does have some credibility..​
  11. Oh cry me a river!!!! Get over it!!!!

    Totally agree LV Addict- their party, their rules!
  12. :shrugs:
  13. I totally don't believe this atrosity. Too many people are jealous of the beckhams, and just want a to bring them down. I'm sick and tired of people saying bad stuff about them!