David Smallcomb cuffs aka "Lorraine Stanick bracelets"

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  1. Does anyone own these? Thinking about picking up 5 or so this week in rose gold and silver. Want to see how they wear and if you love them

    (borrowed pic from the GlossGoss)

  2. Hi I have four of them. I like them and it's easy to take them off. I bought the combination 2 large and two small in silver and gold. It's a good purchase you gonna like them.
  3. thx!

    I am surprised no one else has answered! I know more people on TPF have them :lol:
  4. I have 3 of them: one small gold, one small silver and one large silver. I love them and want to pick up a couple rose gold ones soon. They wear really well and are easy to pair with just about anything.
  5. I bought the mixed set (2 large, 2 small gold/silver)and also plan on buying the rose gold set. They are quite sturdy and actually very well made. I like mixing them up- some days I'll wear them all together...other days I'll just wear the silver or just the gold...or the 2 big ones together, etc. I can't wait to get more.
  6. Oh, I should also add that I prefer the small ones. I don't think I'll ever purchase the large ones again. I just like the curved and dainty look the little ones have. Just my opinion!