David Duchovny in new Showtime Series: Californication

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    David Duchovny is Hank Moody
    Famed novelist & NYC transplant Hank relocates to LA after his acclaimed book is optioned, but it later becomes a crappy romantic comedy, which sparks a horrible case of writer's block. He's struggling to get his career back on track with the help of his agent/best friend, raise his pre-teen daughter, all while pining for his ex-girlfriend, who is now engaged to another man. It may sound desperate, but he enjoys life and owns all his various vices - drink, drugs and women - with a refreshing sense of honesty and unapologetic candor. He's holding it together while falling apart, and he doesn't mind it one bit.

    Evan Handler is Charlie
    Hank's best friend and agent lives his life on the straight and narrow path and can't understand why Hank can't just kick his various habits and settle down with a good woman. But, underneath, married Charlie envies Hank's swinging lifestyle and Charlie's behavior behind closed doors will contradict his morally sanctified tone and cause problems on the home front.
  2. oops didnt see this when I opened the thread-sorry!
  3. okay, Im watching this for Evan...LOVE THAT GUY!
  4. ^Me too! Didn't you just love his character in SATC?
  5. love Duchovny!! :tup: and harry too of course (evan handler). :winkiss:
  6. Anyone keeping up on this show? I love it. David Duchovny's character is hysterical with his delivery. I don't like the little goth daughter on the show. She creeps me out.

    In the second episode when he was about to have sex with the porn star but didn't, I liked his character so much more. She shows her breasts and says "what do you think, I want them bigger". He says, "they are perfect, don't change them"or something to that effect....(she had natural breasts!!! Imagine that!) Then she asks him about her "lips" and how she wants to get them fixed. He looses interest in her when her baby starts to cry. After he leaves her house, in a voice over, he comments that why does LA want to destroy the female population and why don't women just leave their privates alone because he likes to know he is having sex with an actual woman with hair growth. Brownie points to Hank. Then a woman in her 40s, all natural also, asks him for his opinion. He says she looks great. More brownie points.

    Now the brownie point negs, his wife's step-daughter. Icky and conniving. In next weeks promo, she tells him she is "late". But could it be just because he doesn't want to sleep with her again???
  7. I DVRd last night so I will catch up tonight. I love David Duchovny. I agree with you and love is comedic side. He is so dry!

    Was Harry from SATC on last night? I can't wait to see his character.

    And you're right about the daughter. Something's not quite right.
  8. DH and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!! David is hysterical!!! I NEVER thought that he can be this funny! First episode had me in stitches with the one liners ("You look at me as if I just fingerf*cked your cat.":lol:) and the scene in last night's episode when he pukes all over the guy's painting had me in tears!!!:lol:

    Definitely :tup::tup:!!!
  9. Has anybody been watching? We missed the last two weeks and just caught up last night.

    I love this show!! Although sometimes it has a "soft porn" feel to it! LOL
  10. Not watching the show. Just not my cup of tea. In fact, my daughter and I have been watching Big Brother After Dark a few nights a week and I'm getting sick of turning the channel when the trailers for Californication come on (5 million times a night) so she won't see all of those sex scenes they keep showing. LOL!
  11. I like this show more and more everytime I watch it.
  12. I think it is the dry wit.
  13. I LOVE IT!! Its wrong on so many levels..but not...KWIM!! LOVE IT.
  14. OMG, I just watched Sunday's episode last night. The more I watch this show the more I love David Duchovny!!

    Great, great show.
  15. Different strokes...I got bored silly and stopped watching after the 2nd episode!