David, Brooke & Baby Heaven

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  3. They are a lovely couple! Too bad we can't see close ups of the baby!!!!!
  4. Too bad we can't see the baby. Cute family.
  5. She's like Heidi Klum--looks fabulous pregnant, just after and every other time. I know they have the personal help, trainers, etc. but still they must have great genes to look glowing all the time, pregnant or not!

  6. Why does he look like he's about to vomit here? :confused1:

    :back2topic: Brooke is adorable. The baby is gorgeous I bet :yes:
  7. aside from his expression above, a hot guy with a baby seat it so sexy.. like here
  8. They are a really cute couple.
  9. they look like a very happy family.
  10. Yeah. I was thinking, HAIRBALL!