David Beckham's slouchy cream crochet hat

  1. Does anyone know the maker or where I can get one like it?

    As seen on Perezhilton.com today....
  2. club monaco has one thats' similar :smile:
  3. I saw that too on Perez's site!! I would love to get it for my bf!
  4. yeah, I want to know as well. I would wear that myself.
  5. think its Burberry
  6. Marc by Marc Jacobs had a similar beanie on sale in its stores for less than $30 bucks -- I bought a cream one and a blue one.......they fit (at least on me) very similar to the one in the pic
  7. wow, really the SF store? on fillmore? how recently?
  8. gosh he looks hot! that hat is really cute on him!
  9. Yes the SF store-- I bought mine about a month and a half ago......
  10. so no word on the exact one that he has?