David Beckham's Saucy Mistress Moves To LA, Infuriating Victoria

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  1. Watch out Victoria, Rebecca Loos, will be loose in LA soon (and in more ways than one)! Loos, who claimed to have an affair David Beckham in 2004, is planning on moving to Los Angeles to launch her acting career. Mommy Posh is said to be furious at the news, and thinks the move may affect her relationship with David. A source close to the Spice Girl told Britain's Star magazine:

    "Rebecca going to Los Angeles is Victoria's worst nightmare. One of the reasons the Beckhams moved there in the first place is because David felt like he owed Victoria after the whole Rebecca scandal.The fact that the past is coming back to haunt them will devastate Victoria. It's like picking at a wound that was just starting to heal. But now all those old insecurities will be stirred up in Victoria and this will take its toll on her."

    The full story is here

  2. Oh Loos is such a skank! Get your own life, seriously!
  3. Loos was never hot to begin with, she's just trying to piss Victoria off. If Dave wants to cheat, there's a million better choices out there (not that Im condoning it, just saying).
  4. yeah....I think I heard this already....Posh must be p*ssed.
  5. wow that photo of her is....what's the word... skanky?
  6. this was posted already, please search first:yes:
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