David Beckham wears a naked Victoria across his chest in support of her new ad campai

    Last updated at 21:14pm on 29th January 2008

    Soocer star David Beckham showed his wife remains close to his heart today by donning the singer's new charity t-shirt.

    Beckham was spotted wearing the Marc Jacobs creation during a trip to Brazil where he has opened his latest Football Academy. Victoria posed nude for the T-shirt for a campaign to highlight the dangers of skin cancer.

    She is featured covering her modesty with her hands alongside a caption which reads, "Protect the skin you're in".

    The sure-to-be cult item is a bid to support The Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group.
    Although it is sure to gain the campaign column inches and a significant following, using perma-tanned Posh could be seen as a bit of an odd choice to be the face of such a cause.

    However, the Spice Girl, who has not sported the pale and interesting look since back in the nineties, claims her attitude to skincare has changed since moving to the States.

    "I have realised how important it is to practise safe sun for myself and to keep the skin of my three boys well protected as well," she says.

    It seems that where her husband goes Victoria follows, in every meaning of the phrase. Footballer David recently got his kit off for a controversial Armani underwear campaign.

  2. David was pictured wearing Victoria's charity t-shirt - highlight the dangers of skin cancer - during a trip to Brazil

    Naked ambition: Posh will soon adorn the chests of fashionistas to help raise the profile of skin protection
    beckhamAP2901_468x777.jpg T-Shirt.jpg
  3. I posted this here because I think it's such an important cause. My mom had a skin scare, and ever since then she was so careful about protecting my brother and me from the sun.

    I have such pale skin, so I could easily be at risk, so I've been careful to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. I also have frequent mole checks by a dermatologist.
  4. I'm so glad that this cause is getting so much attention lately! I'm not personally a fan of hers, but I think its wonderful that she will be able to get so much attention for a good reason.
  5. My DH has had a number of skin cancers removed and it is extremely scary to go through, plus not forgetting to mention the emotions that you go through while waiting for the results. Anything that can draw attention to the issue is to be highly commended....can't say though the DH would wear one of the t-shirts.
  6. Everytime I see her, she looks like a jar of tang. I am assuming it is spray tan then?
  7. I think this is so wonderful!!
  8. Great cause that needs attention, hopefully this will work as people really gravitate towards Posh and Becks!
  9. Lol Posh makes me laugh with her poses. She's so full of it. It's cute though.
  10. (That word in the title is supposed to be 'campaign'.)
  11. Interesting. Victoria always has to sex up everything, doesn't she? :p
  12. if ur supposed to protect ur skin, why is she naked then??? doesn't make sense. shouldn't the ad be that she is all covered up? or has some kind of sunscreen lotion in her hand or something, or maybe her in a bathtub swimming in sunscreen lotion would have been a better idea? i dont know, i don't like this...
    the 'i rather go naked than wear fur' makes ALOT of sense, but not this! sorry.
  13. LOL this campaign is so cute~ and I find it so funny that David is wearing that T-shirt!
  14. both of them are hot
  15. Fantastic cause!!