David Beckham,J.Lo&Marc in Madrid!

  1. "12/02/2007 Madrid Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony partyng together in Madrid with David Beckham.Meanwhle Victoria Beckham is in New Yourk, David is the cicerone in Madrid with their new friends from Hollywood, very soon the Beckhams will be neighbors of them in L.A. "
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  3. DB is hotness. JLo looks gorgeous as always!
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  5. OMG!!! DB is SO FINE!!!:drool: :drool: :drool: JLo is looking great, as usual!:love:
  6. They all look great!
  7. OMG, Sonic! Great minds think alike! LOL!!!
  8. J Lo is carrying a YSL Rive Gauche in patent leather, yea?

    They all look amazing... :love:
  9. Jennifer is just stunning and she is wearing sunglasses from Victorias line!
  10. Great pix! Becks looks delicious as always. I never get tired of Jenny Lo pix. She always looks like a star. Must be nice...:girlsigh:
  11. Thanks for the great pics
  12. Great Pictures!
  13. He looks good, but Jennife is divine!
  14. Wow.. Jlo looks stunning :smile:.. i love her outfit, is that a poncho though??

    DB looks great as well.. but why does he have a sweater wrapped around his waist when he's already wearing a leather jacket??