David Beckham: "I'm a terrible person.."

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  1. [​IMG]

    David Beckham is a 'terrible person' when he's not playing soccer. The LA Galaxy star sulks when he's injured and wife Victoria must endure his snarly mood swings. Becks explained:

    "I'm a terrible person to be around when I'm not playing soccer. When I'm injured or when I'm off the team, you can ask my wife, she knows exactly how I am and how passionate I am about being on the field, and when I'm not on the field it affects me on and off the pitch."

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  2. I wouldn't mind....look at him..he's gorgeous!! :graucho:
  3. Hey as long as he keeps his mouth shut, I'll take him!
  4. I on the hand, would like his to put his mouth to work!:graucho:
  5. whoa whoa whoa.. look at my perv brain go.... :nuts:
  6. lol I dont mind at all, lol I will just stare at him and go are you done yet.
    Hes is sooo HOT!!!:love:
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: LOL! hilarious!
  8. Hmm...that is one very sexy photograph right there.

  9. :roflmfao::okay:
  10. lol, that's the way to go! :tup:
  11. :lol::lol:

    me too!
  12. gorgeous pic of the both of them. both look so HOT.
  13. He's so hot !! doesn't matter if he has mood swings ! :p
  14. i can totally understand the bad mood, football is his livelyhood.
  15. That's too bad that he's an @$$ when he's not working...