David Beckham goes to soccer camp..........

  1. OMG soooo HOTT.....yummy! love the louis luggage too :smile:
  2. great pics, he looks good.
  3. *faints* The man is HOT!!! :love:
  4. He'll be here in Seattle August 9......can't wait to see him in person!
  5. Enjoy him!!^^
  6. he is so hot, i can't never get enough of seeing his pics.
  7. His hair and luggage is GORGEOUS!
  8. His hair is so cute there! That man is just too gorgeous!
  9. he is always perfect:biggrin:
  10. What a luggage!!! What a man!!! Why god doesn't create more creature like this for other women like us?
  11. Sometime I think he's too good to be true to be straight...HOT..HOT...

    Thanks for sharing..