David Beckham for Armani Underwear (undies pic!!)

  1. [​IMG]


    PS: I wasn't sure if I should put this in the Beckhams thread or not, because it's not about the both of him...Just him and his...er...:shame:
  2. I'm sorry, I find that pic hilarious.
  3. lol, I think the way he is laying there is funny...And we all know (???) that his bulge is photoshopped, but a girl dream, right? ROFL!
  4. I don't like him :blah:
  5. ^ He's all good (IMO) ... until he opens his mouth :s
  6. I don't see a bulge, that is why I am laughing. I really hope the bulge is photoshopped out because now I kind of feel bad for Posh. I mean they do have several children, there has to be something there, right? :sweatdrop: I would kick him out of bed so fast showing up looking like that. :tdown:
  7. You said it sister! LOL
  8. I think he looks more handsome with clothes on. I must say, he's very smooth though. I wonder if he waxes.
  9. :roflmfao: In Elle's latest interview with Posh she mentions that he's very well-equipped :nuts:
  10. Lawdy... his body is to die for!! but that pose is a tad odd
  11. She hasn't seen this pic then? Then again, what is she going to say? Davie boy has a small Beckham??? :push: I seriously feel bad for her if that's what's laying next to her each night. Then again she doesn't eat so I doubt lack of other things bothers her. No wonder she has that pissed off look on her face all the time. Now I get it. :idea:
  12. I don't care for the pose or the lighting.
    For some reason it looks like he's lying back on the docs table right before getting a pap smear. :push:
  13. stuffed.
  14. Haha I could just imagine someone saying that their contribution to this picture was increasing the size of David Beckham's bulge.
  15. Doesn't appear so, then again all celebs kinds have to say that about their partners. I mean he has a decent size bulge from the boys (maybe its pent up blue balling) but the rest doesn't really appear there. The whole photoshoot is weird, there is another one that he has a pair really far up his crack.