David B: Take Out Your Hair Extensions & Eat !!

  1. David Beckham says that he makes sure his very thin wife, Victoria, gets nurishment. Her emaciated figure has many people speculating that she’s anorexic:
    David Beckham today broke his silence on his wife Victoria’s controversial size 0 figure, revealing that he makes her eat. The former England captain stuck up for the ex-Spice Girl’s stick-thin look, insisting that she does consume food regularly - because of him. “I see Victoria every day of course and I make sure she eats well and she eats healthy,” he told GMTV. “She looks after the way she is, you know, it is down to that person. You are beautiful whatever you are, it is about that person, about how you feel.” Victoria, 32, is regularly criticised for being a bad role model to young girls because her weight has dropped to below seven stone. [100 pounds]
    David also said that he was behind Victoria’s decision to remove her hair extensions and sport a new bob hair do. He said that he didn’t like feeling the snarled extensions when he ran his fingers through her hair:
    I said to her, ‘I’d love you to change your hair, and do something like a bob,’ so when I saw the pictures I was like, ‘Oh My God, it looks incredible’. “It was my idea, she knew how strongly I felt about her going back to a bob because when I first met her she had a bob so I said it’s the best haircut for me. It’s actually nice to put my hands through her hair and not feel the extensions.”

  2. And I hope she listens, Mrs. Beckham would be just as hot with just a little more to her figure ! :yes:
  3. Everytime I look at Victoria, I can't believe she's borne 3 healthy sons and can still look like this!
  4. I hope he is telling the truth about her eating habits... I can't help but feel it doesn't add up. :sad: ITA with him about the bob though. Looks awesome on her. :heart:
  5. wow, i really like her and her style but her face scares me sometimes with the looks she gives.
  6. my thoughts exactly:nuts:
  7. I can! Just think of all the trainers, surgeons, spa treatments, stylists and nannies (to watch the kiddies, while you pamper yourself) you can buy with her kind of money!...you too, can look like her!
  8. Wow! I just think she just attempts to make him happy at any cost.
  9. he should be a very sweet hubby!!
    i hope she starts eating very soon!
  10. I can't help but think that he's a bit of a control freak....JMO.
  11. Look how much better she looks here.

    I thought only people in England were obsessed w/ her ?
    Victoria-Beckham-Risks-Losing-Her-Teeth-2.jpg Victoria-Beckham-Wants-Plastic-Surgery-2.jpg
  12. She looked SO much better before! I don't understand the obsession at all! :shrugs:
  13. I like her with a bob. Reminds me of her Posh Spice days and she was so grogeous back then! She still looks great now but I prefer her old look more.
  14. When I was pregnant, I was hungry all the time, how could she not have the urge to eat??? :hysteric:
  15. :shrugs: