David and Victoria Beckham Venice Film Festival 9/7

  1. They look great:yahoo:
    71804273.jpg 71804274.jpg 71804197.jpg 71805393.jpg 71805395.jpg 71805413.jpg
  2. they are such a gorgeous couple!
  3. Hot!
  4. Great piccies, when do you think he finds the time to play football lol :biggrin:
  5. Ahhh, Venice! Great pictures!!
  6. Ditto! :love:
  7. I normally find Victoria to be unnattractive... I'm sorry, I just don't see the appeal... however, they're both looking pretty good here.
  8. Love her dresses - especially the one in the first few photos. MAN! Can't those people go ANYWHERE without a million people trailing them?! That would drive me insane.
  9. They are so pretty to look at!
  10. He always looks so good in photos but she always looks so miserable and unhappy...
  11. Gorgeous!! I love Victoria's dress in the first pics.
  12. They have to be the world's best dressed couple. They rarely disappoint.
  13. I have noticed that too, I guess maybe she is trying to look aloof or something. Or, maybe the 4" heels are hurting like hell.
  14. Hot as usual!
  15. :nuts: wowwww they are adorable! i love them:yahoo: