Dave Navarro Wants You To Shut Up About Lindsay Lohan Already

  1. Clever commentary...
  2. Gee, thanks Dave for your profound words of wisdom :roflmfao:

    I don't have any friends in and out of rehab, who have mothers who just want to crash the party scene with them, or friends who crack up Mercedes.....who's he kidding???:p
  3. ^^^ Seriously!
  4. "We're blowing it up as this big shocker - but its not. It's adolescence!"

    Ahhh....so that's what it is! Adolescence! (nevermind that LiLo is 21)
  5. I'll admit it; I "experimented" in my teens and part of my early twenties, but what LiLo has done goes way beyond "adolescent" experimentation.
  6. Well he didn't say it exactly as I see it but I do agree somewhat... the media should just leave it alone
  7. LOL Sad to say hes kinda right in away around here alot of kids and even some of my friends have gone through this whole thing. Partying drinking and driving, parents that party with them or even harder than they do, BUT they aren't the Idols of alot of kids either. They aren't in the lime light and trying to promote themselves and films they are in. I think that you make a choice as a celebrity to be a role model for your fans who are younger and if you can't be a good role model then you really shouldn't be a celebrity. I do feel bad that celebs go through these things with cameras behind them every second, but they make the choice to do it in public none the less!!
  8. Ok, Dave Navarro, your 15 min. of fame is up. Your show that no watched is OVER, your marriage to Carmen Electra (who has a real career) is OVER. Who really cares what you have to say? Commenting on some troubled girl will not put you back in the tabloids.
  9. ^lol.
  10. Hey, it worked for Candy Spelling ! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. I was hell on wheels at 21, but even I don't have a felony record! It is NOT normal for a young *lady*(and I use that term loosely) to have a felony. she hasn't been convicted yet, but she will be.
  12. ^^^^^