DAUTORE - ANy Thoughts on this Brand? Opinion of these Bags?

  1. I saw a bag by a designer called DAUTORE (they're from Brazil) a while back at a small handbag boutique here in Chicago. This is the original bag that I saw:

    The bag is super super lightweight with a zipped pocket at each end. I had really liked this bag & had every intention of coming back to buy it. I was at the store this evening for a special event, and they no longer had this bag. I do see that this bag is on sale at The Purse Store for $276.

    I did see this bag tonight at the boutique:

    Like the gray one, it's extremely lightweight. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the bag is very, very slouchy. I love the style of this bag and especially the detailed shoulder strap & knotted leather at the ends. This bag sells for $450, but with 20% off (a promotion the store is having) it would be around $350.

    I can't decide which bag I like - the first one I saw (which is smaller) - or the one I saw tonight. I love how lightweight these bags are & the linings are really pretty - each bag has its own exclusive lining designed by artists selected by the designers.

    Any thoughts on this brand in general? Any owners out there? What about these styles - which one would you choose?
  2. I haven't seen this brand IRL, but I love the one you posted! (I can't see the second pic though?) I'm a sucker for smooshy and lightweight, and the fact that is has no visible hardware is refreshing, more "organic" design KWIM? $276 sounds like a great price too. I also like carrying uncommon styles that are different and unique.

    Can you find another link to the second one so I can see that one?
  3. This bag reminds me of another bag..........Gerald Darel maybe :confused1:

    Anyway, what a great price!
  4. No idea about the bag but nice color though.
  5. I don't know why the 2nd bag wasn't showing up before, but it's there now - in case it disappears again, here's another picture of the same bag but in white (the boutique had it in red or black, but it's the back I like)[​IMG]
  6. This white bag looks like it's really stuffed - the bag is actually very very slouchy (if the picture of the black one is showing up, it looks more like that one). The leather's super soft, slightly pebbled and glazed. It's unbelievably lightweight. It's got a full zip top opening with a zipper pocket on the front - that's about the only thing I don't like it. That metal thing you see is the zipper pull. It's not heavy, but looks a little awkward. The ends of the bag are knotted and the shoulder strap is gorgeous woven/braided. There's also these two knotted pieces of leather hanging from one end of the bag (sorta like tassels). I just love how soft & slouchy it is - it actually molds to you body!
  7. omg, these bags are WAY cute~!!!!
  8. I don't know why the pic of the black bag keeps disappearing - here it is as an attachment:

    (BTW - as soon as I clicked reply, the orig pic came up!)
  9. I noticed some of these styles at lunaboston.com awhile ago. I really liked them (I think then, the average price/style was about $400), but they ended up on super-sale a few months later. I think they are a still "unknown" brand, so if you like them and can find a good deal, you should go for it. I thought the styles were very unique and if I had the $ then, I would have tried one on sale :yes:!
  10. Thanks for reposting the other pic. I think I still prefer the first (gray) one. The second one looks much better in the black (when I first saw the white one, it looked HUGE - like she's carrying a baby in there or something!), but the zipper pull is weird. It sounds like you're leaning towards the second one, but either way I don't think you can go wrong - I love that the designs are different and I can just imagine what the leather feels like!
  11. The more I look at these bags & think about it, the more I'm leaning towards the black one - I love the shoulder strap on the bag (reminds me of Gryson handles) and it's so lightweight. When the bag isn't stuffed, its really slouchy and molds right into your body. I just think it's a pretty unique style. I really like the gray bag, but it's a little plain & simple even though $276 is a really good price. I dont think $350 is too bad either (the price of the black one) esp taking into consideration the addtl details on the black bag. She has the bag in black and red - even though I don't own a red bag, I really like this bag in black. Here's the same picture (from above) a little bit bigger so that you can see details. As I said before, the only thing I don't like about it is that funny zipper pull thing-y on the front of the bag (at least it's not heavy so it doesn't add addtl weight).

    This is a pretty good photo of the bag - it shows it's slouchy shape, but still looks like it might be stuffed a little more than normal (the white bag looks very stuffed!)
  12. iluvmybags, I hope you get it and love it! Please post pics so we can all admire!
  13. iluvmybags... I was curious... Did you end up getting this bag? I see this brand too and wonder what it's like IRL...
  14. Iluvmybags, where in Chicago did you see the bag? I live in the area, and I never find any of the cute boutiques!
  15. i saw this on Shopbop and decided to do a search on it on tpf... and i found your thread! :yes:
    i'm craving this soooo bad but they're sold out!