Dauphine MM: yes or no?

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  1. I have this bag on hold and will check it out tomorrow. I am a very casual dresser.... my only concern. or does this bag look dated?
    thank you all :smile:
  2. I have the same bag. No. I think its very retro but in a cool way not dated at all.
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  3. thank you very much! excited to see the bag live tomorrow.....
  4. as much as I like it but at nearly $3, 000 I'd rather buy Chanel mini rectangular
  5. To me, it looks a bit “mature”
  6. I already have one:biggrin:
    I like all the different ways to carry her....
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  7. hmm - not fresh enough and too trendy?
  8. If resale value isn't your concern then just go for what you like, I like it too BTW :smile:
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  9. I wasn‘t even thinking on that:nuts: Do you think it is that bad? hmmm... usually I keep my bags very long and buy only if I am 100 % sure. wondering how I feel about it when I see it IR....
  10. just counted... I paid for the cc 1000 more than for this one...
  11. Yeah, but resale value of Chanel mini is tested, this LV new one resale value hasn't been great (doesn't mean bad just not great) compares to other LV bags such as Favorite, Palm springs etc.
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  12. thank you very much for your explanation! I just buy what I like... seems I have to rethink that....never thought about the resale value:smile:
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  13. I say yes to the Dauphine! It very classic but retro at the same time.
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  14. thank you very much!
  15. I say yes and get it! I have the reverse and giant and they are favorites in my collection. They definitely do not look dated....
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