Daughter's Tiffany Ring Broke....

  1. She's SO bummed. She bought it two years ago while we were in Hawaii (for Christmas). It is her FAVORITE ring. The lock has been lost so I'm wondering if it will be worth the money to repair it?? This is the ring:

    I already ordered her another one on line because she would be devastated if it was a discontinued style. Meanwhile, should I see what Tiffany will do for the broken one? We don't have a Tiffany in Montana (LOL) but I do travel quite a bit with DH who works out of state so I could bring it with me.

    Just wondering if I should ask them or chalk it up as broken.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about the ring. I would call Tiffany's and see if they will fix it for you. If not, I would definitely go to a jewelry store and see if they can fix it. Good luck! :smile:
  3. Unfortunately the lock has been lost so a repair thru Tiffany is our only hope.
  4. oh yea, definitely talk to Tiffanys about it!! If the broken hinge (hmm not too sure what to call that) was a defect on their part, I think they should replace the ring! keep us updated!
  5. They can probably fix it, but with the missing lock, it may just be cheaper and faster to get a new one.
  6. Contact Tiffany and see what they say. It never hurts to ask. Tiffany says they stand by the quality of their jewelry, so fixing it or replacing it should be no problem.
  7. good luck :smile: let us know how it goes. i'm sorry to hear that it broke and was lost. but what a super mom you are getting her another one!
  8. Or a mom who is a sucker. LOL! I just know how she loved that ring. Actually I have it too (wear it as a pinky ring). It shipped yesterday and should be here tomorrow. Next time I go on a business trip with DH I'll bring the broken ring to a Tiffany store. We live in Montana so not a lot I can do here. :p Thankfully DH works out of California and travels all over the country. I got the option to tag along to Orlando next month or Vegas in March. I'm still trying to decide.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions!