daughter's first Hermes scarf!

  1. Well, my daughter received her first Hermes scarf for her college graduation from a dear friend. What a great gift for a student! She's on to grad school.

    The scarf was 15-16X15-16. I believe it is a pochette..(I'm a newbie when it comes to H. but learning fast!) The design is a medium blue with lines diagonally(?)
    across it and a galloping horse in a silhouette form running across the bottom right half of the scarf. Anyone know what this design is called? My friend got it in NYC. The orange box is almost as pretty as the scarf itself!

    We opened it very reverently.:angel:
  2. Congrats to your DD.... and congrats on her graduation.
  3. Thank you! Rose, does this design sound familiar to you? I know there are tons of styles!!
  4. If you could take a picture of it I bet someone can I.D. it. Congrats to your daughter on her graduation and on getting such a great gifts!
  5. I know exactly the one you mean... the name is escaping me for the moment... but I am sure I will remember eventually....
  6. What A Lovely Gift!:flowers: ....Congratulations On Your Daughter's Graduation!!!:heart:
  7. Does it look like this?

    Then it's H AU GALOP

    Photo courtesy if ATH...
  8. I'll try to take a pic when she gets home in a couple of weeks. Don't have access to the "lovely" at the moment!

    Thank you for all the warm wishes!
  9. Quinn's mom, I think this IS it! ...in blue. Honestly, I didn't get as good a look as I would have liked due to lots of people around, and a fair amount of chaos. I doubt there is another with these telltale designs. Thanks so much for locating it! Where do you find all the pics of the scarves? The Hermes site seems to have so little. My friend says she'll take me to the Hermes store in NYC when I come for my visit. I'm sure they have tons more to see.:drool:
  10. Thanks for taking the time to post those links...there'll be some surfing tonight!