Daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. dies

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  1. Oh, that is sad and she was still young too, I wonder when they will announce the cause. I know a lot of people will go to the funeral, it will probably be held at New birth Baptist Church, because Ebenezer won't be able to hold so many people at the funeral. I wonder if she will also be buried at the King Center with her parents. I still need to go and make time to visit the king center again and take some of my friends.
  2. Wow...that's so tragic and shocking. So totally unexpected. First Dr. King all those years ago, then their mother, now Yolanda. It's like we're losing the whole family. It's sad because she was only in her early fifties. But I take comfort in knowing she is in a better place now, and reunited with her parents again, and also that there are remaining King children to carry on the dream.
  3. aw, thats so sad... at my graduation dinner, she actually came up.. one of my advisors at school, an older black man had worked as a doorman in NYC a while back.. he had met her and her father one day while Dr. MLK was hailing a cab, and she had tripped on the curb.. my advisor reached to pick her up, and he mentioned how sweet and polite she was to others...

    and that was like the 5 sec snippet of the convo that night.. this is so unfortunate :heart:
  4. It really is quite sad. I think of how her mother only died a little over a year ago, and now they have to face this sudden loss as well.

    On the radio this morning they said the family felt that it might have been caused by a heart condition. And to hear that Falwell also died of a heart issue is a bit disturbing. People really need to stay on top of heart issues! And we all need to take better care of ourselves.

  5. Definitly right about that. People should try to stay as healthy as possible by exercising, eating healthy, and trying to get regular check ups. They may not help everything, but they prevent so much.
  6. Slightly off on a tangent: it amazes me the number of people who work out, run every day, and then drop dead of a heart attack in their forties. I wonder what causes that.

    Anyway, another radio report (not usre of the accuracy) said that an autopsy may be performed because even though they think it may have been a heart attack, it was still "sketchy."
  7. I knew three people who dropped dead in their 20s from heart attacks. Two of those people were father and daughter. It happened to the father twenty-some years ago, and last year the daughter dropped dead of a heart attack at 26.

    There were no warning signs. Not even with regular physicals for the daughter.

    RIP to Ms. King.
  8. So very sad...

    RIP Yolanda.
  9. Awfully sad. My thoughts are with their family.
  10. So sad. She was so young. My deepest sympathy to her family.
  11. Oh my. She was so so young. So sad. She did live an accomplished life. May she rest in peace.
  12. RIP Yolonda King aka Yoki

    My prayers are w/her family!!!
  13. That is so sad! My condolences to her family.
  14. R.I.P Yolanda, i'm sure you will be greatly missed