Dating with my first K

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  1. I'd like to introduce my lovely Capucine K35

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  2. Love my twilly and jill stuart bling bling charms too

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  3. What a sunny day and love this bright Capucine

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  4. Lovely color, congrats!
  5. CONGRATS gigiho!!!! what a beauty, you know i LOVE capucine!!!! and K35 :loveeyes:

    enjoy her in good health!!!! :party:
  6. Thanks
  7. beautiful kelly! congrats!
  8. Hi-5, I have little twin sister😆

    Such a cheerful, bright pop of color! Enjoy your lovely capucine kelly!
  9. Lovely, and they twill looks perfect on it. Congrats
  10. Haha,thanks 😁
  11. Nice color.
  12. Nice color! I was eyeing a pair if Oasis sandals in the same color. I was so tempted to buy them..
  13. This is very nice and you will enjoy it for a long time to come! Congrats!
  14. Thanks,i really love this bright Orange red color😇
  15. A bright and beautiful color. Congrats!!!