Dating Vintage Kelly Zipper Pockets

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  1. Please forgive me if this is a repeat question, I have searched high and low for an accurate answer with no luck as yet.

    My question is for the vintage Kelly experts, I understand Hermes began to use zippers for the back Kelly pocket sometime in the fifties, can anyone confirm that please or give me some idea as to the timeframe?

  2. In the 1950's open pockets were used both in front and back.
  3. Thanks for the reply Amamxr!

    So any idea when they first began to use zippers, early sixties maybe?
  4. I know this is a super old thread but I was looking for the answer myself - I just got a vintage Kelly without zipper that was dated to the 60s by a SA at FSH. It's currently recuperating at the spa so maybe I'll have a more specific answer in a month or so.
  5. A friend recently had Claude look at a bag that belonged to her mother - he dated it at 1960, and it does NOT have a zipper on the back pocket.
  6. well im prety sure on this date ,as my vintage kelly came from bonwitt- teller and hermes actually said that this bag was one of the first to get it . my bag is a 1962-63. im told that the bags that went as exports got them first im also told that the exact date on the eclair type zipper is not easy to date as it was hermes zipper by choice well;;; mostly al french brand zipper by choice,and that the kelly and other procucts offered the zipper as a custom option when you placed an order. this means that it may be an older bag say from 1957 that may have a zipper , but they are less common as they were only put on special orders . so i have to say that zippered bags as a standard item began in 1962!. this is what i know hope it helps birkel.
  7. Birkel, this is really helpful for a vtg Kelly I'm currently considering - so in vtg kellys the zipper could be "French" or "Eclair"? Anyone know more on the difference between the zipper closings? I've already used the forum search function to no avail. Thanks!
  8. My 1966 Kelly has no zipper . It was bought at the Faubourg .
  9. my 1960 box kelly has no zipper yet i do know from a good source that zippers were oredered as a custom option if you wanted to order the bag and have the zipper put in as an extra but this is something i have looked in to because a friends box from 1960 has a zipper and mine does not other wise the bags are identical so not sure would love the precise answer actually !!!!
  10. I also have a 1960 box Kelly with no zipper.
  11. If it helps, my 1966 Kelly has an eclat zipper for the back pocket.
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