Dating Horror Story

  1. When a date Goes Bad

    Here is the story:
    6/4/2006 - Dinnertime

    So Joanne meets Darren on, and they set up a date for June
    4th at the China Grill in NYC. They go out to dinner and Joanne offers
    to split the bill, but Darren insists on paying.

    6/19/2006 - Evening

    Darren leaves a message on Joanne's home answering machine telling her
    that since she didn't want a second date that she should split the cost
    of the dinner with him, and follows up with this email:

    Sorry things didn't work out. I guess you changed your mind.

    Here is my address for the $50 bucks:

    225 East 85th Street, Apt. 504

    NY NY 10028

    Take care,


    Joanne goes into work on the 20th and has the following email waiting
    For her:


    I wanted to follow up on my email and call to you last night to ensure
    you received my messages for the $50.

    Please acknowledge by replying to this email that you will be sending
    me the $50.

    I hope you understand from my point of view.



    Joanne sends the following email to Darren:


    I just received your emails and also your message from last night. I
    was away andam just getting back this morning. I had every intention of
    calling you andmeeting to go out but your email has completely turned me
    off and i find it extremely tacky. I will not be sending you any money
    since i offered that night to pay and you told me no that you would take
    care of it.

    Please do not call me or send me another email i would rather not hear
    from you at all. And for future reference in the dating world you may
    want to rethink the tacky approach about asking someone for money like
    that perhaps that is why you haven't met anyone or have seen them again.

    6/20/2006 - 10:03 AM
    Darren leaves a voicemail on Joanne's cellphone, telling her he was
    hoping she'd do the "right thing". He threatens to issue a summons to
    get the $50 he wants for the meal. He actually calls her cheap in the

    After waiting an entire 19 minutes, Darren decides his argument would
    be better served if he forwarded Joanne a snippet from his Amex bill:




    FOOD-BEV 107.83

    TIP 20.00

    Reference No: 320061560288086573

    More Detail


    Do the right thing Joanne.



    6/20/2006 - 2:35 PM

    Darren has obviously taken about 4 hours off for lunch or something,
    and now returns to his job of the day, hardcore stalker. He leaves a
    voicemail on Joanne's cellphone following up on his previous email,
    telling her that she's "hiding behind email". He tells her he's going
    to "contact her employer" and "issue a summons".

    6/20/2006 - 2:38 PM

    After receiving this barrage of communications, Joanne decides to fire
    off an email to Darren to end this once and for all:


    I am truly sorry it didn't work out. You seemed like a nice guy, but
    after your voice mails you have now entered the world of a first class
    creep. Dating is not business, I offered to go dutch at the time the
    bill came and you declined, as far as I am concerned that is the end of
    the story. I didn't know that your paying the bill was contingent on me
    going out with you again.

    Once again, I think you need to look internally as to why things are
    not working out for you in the dating world. You had mentioned that you
    had been burned several times, and I am sorry if you feel that it has
    happened to you again, but perhaps it is your approach in dealing with
    others that leads to this. Dating and relationships and business are
    completely different and there is not a quid pro quo for eating and
    drinking on a date. If this is how you think it works, perhaps you
    should get consult a professional who I could take care of all of your
    needs. If I remember correctly it was your choice to go out for dinner,
    I would have been just as happy to take a walk in the park to get to
    know you.

    With that said, please feel free to call my employer or issue a
    summons if you think that this will help. Your message has said that
    you will not drop this, and I am not one to be bullied or threatened. I
    have saved all your messages and if you chose to go ahead with your
    threats then I will be more than happy to notify the proper authorities
    and get a restraining order. I will also let your clients and employees
    know about your erratic and bizarre behavior.


    6/20/2006 - 2:44 PM

    Darren decides to step it up and calls her office instead of her
    cellphone. He tells her that he received her email, and he threatens
    her once again by threatening to call her boss and to issue a summons.
    "You ate the food, you drank the wine... Pay your bill"

    6/20/2006 - 3:12 PM

    After waiting a grueling 28 minutes, the stalker king calls Joanne's
    cellphone once again and leaves yet another voicemail. Apparently
    feeling that the boss/summons method may not serve his demented needs,
    Darren tells Joanne he just called the GM of the China Grill and asked
    them to call her to split the bill. He reiterates the threat of a
    summons, and continues on with his same demented harassment. "Put your
    money where your mouth is. Do the right thing". J You can listen to
    this voicemail by listening to

    3:33 PM

    Apparently Mr. SickAndTwisted did call the China Grill, as Joanne found
    this voicemail on her cellphone. He obviously told the GM there was a
    "discrepancy in the bill" and they "meant to split it". This is where the events end.
    Joanne called back the China Grill and they apologized for even getting
    involved and offered to buy her a drink next time she's in there.

    Apparently, it's true!
  2. It's long but hilarious! :biggrin:
  3. glad Im not dating..LOL...marriage is easy compared to THIS!!!!!!!!!...LMAO...what a whackadoodle!
  4. Interesting story, I wonder if this has happened to others here.
  5. OMG!!!!!! that's too scary. which reminds me of my friend.
    he's been dating with this girl for more than a year, when they broke up, the girl come to him and gave him a bulk of bills and notes of exactly how many things she ever bought to him, like soda, cigarette, gifts etc.
    my friend was just going blank, and all his friends were laughing at him... he ended up paying all the girl's investment on their realtionship though :roflmfao:
  6. I read that whole thing, and wow. He is the ultimate creeper
  7. Dear god... what a psycho.
  8. This man needs to be put away, quickly. This is just so sick.
  9. What a crazy!!! No wonder he doesn't have a women.
  10. Yikes. Makes me think twice about online dating.
  11. Omg! What a wierdo! No wonder he has trouble with women. I'm just so glad she stood up for herself and didn't send him the money!!!
  12. LOL! What??? Good Lord.

    Thanks for sharing, sonya, that was really funny. And sad.
  13. my gooodness......whatta creepp....
  14. Good lord, what a creep? How could anyone be so cheap??