dating at work

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  1. i've 'been there, done that' many years ago in a corporate setting, and it didn't end great. but i always hear that so many couples met at work (my parents even did). did you meet your significant other @ the place you both work? is this something you'd do?
  2. Meeting people in the workplace is pretty common! After all it's where a lot of people spend the majority of their time (while awake at least) during the week. I've never done it myself due to never having worked with anyone I've been interested in, and now that I'm married it won't happen anyway, but I'm not surprised when it happens around me, and I wouldn't have been opposed to it if I had met someone at work while single. My best friend just started dating someone she works with, my dad is married to a woman he met at work (they don't work together anymore), and at my job one of the directors is married to one of the associates.

    My husband and I work opposite schedules at the moment and hardly see each other awake during the week, I'm kind of jealous of couples who work together since they get to see each other a lot...
  3. It happens a lot. we spend most of our waking hours at work so it's a natural place to find someone. but whether it ends well or not really depends on the personalities and the work relationship of the two people.

    When I started working I actually dated someone who was my boss for a short amount of time. We eventually broke up didn't hold it against each other. In fact we are still friendly more than 15 years later. But then I'm the kind of person who stays friends with all my exes (save one). However, now that I'm older and know better I certainly would think twice because there is so much at stake. So I wouldn't necessarily nix all workplace relationship but I would counsel extreme caution.
  4. I work in a big company and there is a lot of dating among coworkers within our location and usually other locations. They try to move people around when people get married or promoted so there is no conflicts of interest. Also everything gets around gossip wise pretty quickly. Ive never done it since none of the people i work with interest me. Also im a private person and dont want 200+ people knowing my business.

    I think most people who do hook up while working together because you pretty much spend 40+ a week with them, you get to know them pretty well. Also another benefit is you understand each other's work crazies, it makes them more understanding when it comes to time spent together. You get that even though your SO was supposed to be off the next day and you have plans to do xyz, but guess what corporate is coming in and they need to switch their days off or hours around to accommodate for it so your plans for tomorrow went out the window. Or if they get switched shifts/positions your more understanding of it. Where that would create more stress in a relationship when they don't understand what really happens at your work.

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  5. My husband and I both work at the same large engineering company. We met prior to either of us working here, but for about a month there was his dad, his brother, him and I... We all worked in different departments and had very little interaction. I think that being in the same actual field would probably be too much since you would be competing with each other, but it's nice to eat lunch together and carpool.
  6. I met my boyfriend at our old job (we have both since moved on to new organisations). We knew each other for around a year before we started seeing each other and now - three years later - we bought a house, live together and have two furbabies :smile:. In our old place of employment we were the only couple.

    In the place I work now, there are lots of people who are dating, married and divorced. There are no problems for the majority, with the exception being a few bitter breakups which have led to some people refusing to sit at the same bank of desks as one another.
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  7. My man and I met at work and here we are happy as can be 4 years later. Definitely doesn't always work out that way though.

    The only downside is the fact that we're in a relationship wouldn't necessarily be cool with our usual boss (we're freelancers), so it's basically a secret at work. But then again, since I'm the boss' assistant and my man is out in the field I get to hear things the boss might not say near me if he knew we were together. That sounds pretty unethical saying it loud though doesn't it? :amuse:
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  8. I was one of those who was adamantly opposed to dating at work, but my will was broken one day by my boss at the my husband of over 8 years! We were very discreet and kept it under wraps until we up and got hitched while during a business trip to Vegas eight months later. Needless to say, he had some explaining to do when we got back. :amazed: I even stayed with the firm for about 3 years after we got married.

    So it does work out sometimes...though I am not sure I would recommend it without serious and careful consideration.
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  9. I met my hubby at work! He was the cute IT guy all the girls drooled over and I was the receptionist. We kept it in the DL for a while in the beginning and it was hilarious to hear the girls talk about him like a piece of meat! this coming April we will have been together for 10 years, and married for 8! I left the company first, and then he stayed on for a few years but then eventually left for a better paying position at another company 2 1/2 years ago.
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  10. I met my husband at work. Wasn't looking, but we had a lot in common and got along (and worked together) really well. We started dating while on the same team, which I wouldn't recommend because you wind up talking about work 24/7. We moved to different departments through promotions, then eventually moved on to different companies.

    It does happen, but is definitely a proceed with caution thing.
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  11. My husband and I did not meet at work but we did meet because of his job, I was one of his clients :smile:
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  12. it's very common to meet your SO at work or through work....after all we spend more than 1/2 of waking hours at work.
    one thing i found at a work environment, it's the best place to really get to know one aspect of a person, his/her work ethic, integrity, they way they treat their coworkers....personally i can't stand brown nosers, slackers and the type always look for short cuts to advance....
    i mean if it happens it happens....not really a big deal to me.
  13. I met my husband at work. We were in different departments, but ended up on a project together. We were friends for a couple of years before it evolved. Once it did, I preferred keeping boundaries between work and life. We don't work together anymore which is great with me.
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  14. I met my husband at work. We worked in different departments and we still do to this day!
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  15. I met my current boyfriend at a consulting company we used to work for 5 years ago. Although we were in completely different departments, it was a bit awkward as we had a lot of mutual coworkers who knew about our relationship.

    The great thing about it was that we got to commute to and from home together, as well as chat with each other over IM, which was way more convenient (and discreet) than texting.
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