Dating A Younger Guy?

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  1. I'm kinda curious... have any of you ladies dated younger men? If so, did the relationship work out?

    My parents seem to think younger guy = the girl pulling the relationship financially and emotionally because the guy isn't mature enough. Any thoughts?
  2. I all ways went older
  3. lol Only once, I swear! And no it didnt work out, he was extremely immature as in he couldnt make any intelligent decisions for himself. That was just my younger guy though, lol. Its probably just stereotypical to assume that for all relationships in which the guy is younger.
  4. I married one!!
  5. All my other halves have been younger bar one! haha that sounds worse than it actually is!
  6. Yay sparkle67 - now that's a happy story! I dated one for a few years and the relationship just kind of ended bc my parents were so dead set against it. I have to admit I did feel like the mommy every now and then with having to plan almost everything and always being the one to say 'maybe this is not such a good idea..'

    I think ultimately I just never got over the idea that the guy should be the one taking the lead and taking care of the girl most of the time :shame:
  7. I married one also! But there are definate mommy moments! lol
  8. Well, i have dated men older than me that act way younger than the guy i'm with now who is younger than me. Also a man's maturity isn't age dependent unfortunately.

    In terms of money, no the girl doesn't necessarily have to pay more money. I think a paying pattern is established early on in the relationship. Like if a guy is broke from the get-go and i decide to date him.......of course i'm already assuming the responsibility that i'm going to foot the bill most of the time if not all the time. And a broke man is associated w/ other issues than age.

    And it really depends on the ages... like if i was 21 and dating an 18 year old, there are soooooo many more differences than if i was 28 and dating a 25 year old. I think the age thing doesn't even matter if both parties are past maybe 25 -26 years old.. because by this time, a person should know where they're at and where they want to be in life. Even though, this isn't necessarily the case all the time.
  9. Married one, he is 6 years younger than I!:graucho: And yes, he had some growing up to do, but he did well.
  10. I dated younger boy while back because he was so tall and HOT he's my younger brother Taekwondo instructor.It was for fun nothing serious.
    He was pretty mature for his age, only 3 years younger than me. He got HUGE crush on me so what the heck. He's jealous kind of guy plus I really didn't think want to give him much hope. I moved to Australia so the relationship was pretty much ended. Since then I dated guys at least 4-7ears older than me. I don't think that much different between dating a younger one or older one in my case. All the guys I dates wanted to propose, so anytime I know they have plan for "future"..I broke up with him.
  11. Oh, you can say that again...geez. :Push:
  12. My current boy's younger, but not by much (6 months). I feel a lot older than him though b/c I'm more focused on the future and he's more focused on the here and now (though he's very dedicated to me!). Age really is more about a mindset than anything else, and mine is slowly "getting older" the more I chatter about planning for the future!
  13. Let's see....Madonna's hubby is 10 years younger, Gwyneth's is 5 years younger.....the list goes on. My guy is 4 years younger and it has no effect on anything.
  14. Personally, I click better with guys that are older than me. But I have a friend who is happily married to a younger guy. I think it depends on the guys themselves. There are younger guys who mature, and there are older guys who are just immature.

    Btw, Sparkles, your avatar is so beautiful :love:
  15. I highly recommend it!! My husband is 5 years younger and he treats me like a queen, :amuse: we been married for 19 years this coming June! I never dreamed my husband would be younger, I've always liked alot older...funny how life is! He was 20 and I was 25 when we married and on the day of the wedding, I asked him one more time "are you sure you want to get married soo young"? because I wasn't really ready to get married myself! He said "I was ready when I first saw you"! So, I don't think age has anything to do with it, at all!
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