Dating a vintage Kelly

  1. I've just had confirmation it is in pounds and includes VAT.
    I know it's quite a bit, but she's a special bag to me and if it means years of use without anything breaking/falling apart I think she's worth it :smile:
  2. Thank you for sharing the estimate; it is very interesting.
    I'm sure you are right to think, "if I don't have all the work done now, I will keep wishing I had had it done."
    There will be a few months to save up.
    If I read it correctly the old handle D rings are going to be replaced with the modern style that has a discreet ring for a strap - this must be a really good thing to have if you ever want to use a shoulder strap.
    All viewers are in agreement that it is a fine bag.
  3. Thank you :smile: I was going to pm you my news this evening after our chat before to let you know I'd had an answer! It will take 12 to 24 weeks for the repair according to the SA, so up to six months. So as you know I was half expecting a handle issue and yes £810 for the handle is quite a bit, but by the time I get it back I know I will kick myself if I don't do it (and it'll just stop me buying anything else in the meantime!). It's something exciting to look forward to :smile: I read the bit about the double handle rings and thought the same! I doubt I'd order one from Hermes given the time frames I've read about.. Years sometimes! But maybe preowned or from somewhere else one day, I've seen quite a few lovely straps on here.
  4. Is being girlie girl a problem?
    (I'm kidding)
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  6. A quick update! My Kelly is finally back :smile: She has a new handle, new hardware, new clochette and has had her corners touched up. I think the colour match for the handle and clochette is pretty much spot on and I was concerned my padlock would no longer match the now shiny new hardware, I don't know if they polished it or plated it but it looks shiny and new too (it is the original though). Overall I'm really pleased. I even found a twilly that looked great with it, but decided I'd spent enough for one day! Sad I know but I'm also really chuffed I got both dustbags!! image.jpeg image.jpeg
  7. It is a credit to the artisans for being able to restore it amazingly
    AND a credit to you for taking the plunge and investing in it.
    Just a beautiful bag.
  8. Aww thank you :smile:
  9. The artisan has really done an amazing job!
  10. when i saw the title i seriously thought someone bag mad decided to start a relationship with a kelly. duh.

    that is an amazing job on a very fabulous and timeless bag.
  11. Congratulations! You've been so patient and thoughtful, and it shows in your gorgeous K. Curious about the replacement of the gold plating on the straps. Were they loose as well? Did the artisan have any further info on dating?
  12. hahahaha I thought the same thing! I have had "vintage" dates in my life :P
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  13. Thank you :smile:
  14. Thank you and I know what you mean! When I read the title again going back to it, it did sound like I'd like to go out with an old Kelly! :lol:
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  15. image.jpeg
    Thanks, I'm really pleased with her! They replaced all the hardware as the turn lock was likely to break and I guess the strap ends wouldn't have matched otherwise.
    No further dating info from the artisan other than between 1953 and 1970, but there is now a little stamp that either wasn't there before or I didn't notice. I'm curious to know what this means (if anything!)
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