Dating a vintage Kelly

  1. One of the reasons that I love vintage Kelly bags.... The patina & the leather is so luscious & frankly it doesn't
    make any difference the age because this is one bag that gets better with age, IMO
    Enjoy this & a wonderful memento as well
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  2. image.jpeg
    Thank you, having read up on here I know the handle replacement is pretty pricey, as I didn't realise it was an issue when I dropped the bag off I didn't mention it for repair so I don't know if they will automatically recommend it if it needs doing, I hope so. It isn't too bad I don't think, but my knowledge is very limited! I suspect though that if it isn't done now it will need doing at a later date. What do you think? Replace now, or wait?
  3. Check with Hermes to see if it's possible. Sometimes it's difficult to get a good colour match with older leathers or colours and they won't do it. It would also be good to get an estimate so if they can do it, you have an idea as to cost.
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  4. I agree ^

    If H say they can do it now, better to do it while they have the colour. It's a lovely bag nevertheless
  5. If it were me, I would keep as much of the bag original. My Kelly which is circa 1950's has some mild cracking on the handle and I just purchased a lovely Twilly for the handle. I remove it periodically to moisturize the handle.

    Mistikat is correct in stating the color may not be exact, besides they look pretty with a Twilly!
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  6. image.jpeg Thank you everyone :smile: I have just received my estimate and I think I am going to go ahead with it all as it will mean sending the bag away for several months again at a later date if not, and if I know something really has been recommended for repair then it will bug me until I do it!
    The handle price is roughly what I expected. I didn't expect the lock plate to need replacing but according to the covering email it is very loose and likely to break if not.
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  7. Interesting; what currency is this in?
  8. I assume it is pounds sterling, although as the estimate is written in French I have asked her in case it is euros!
  9. The craftsperson at H always recommends twillies to wrap old handles when worn although she also said I should always remove after use.

    I'm glad you found a suitable twilly for your mid-century Kelly, I've a huge problem finding one for my vintage bags.
  10. I know exactly what you mean it took me forever to find one.
  11. Your kelly will feel brand new but with that lovely patina'd leather.
  12. Thank you :smile: I know it will take a long time but I am so excited! :yahoo:
  13. I get exactly what you mean about retaining originality, it's just I'm such a worrier I think it will always bother me until I fix it! Twillys look so pretty when I see them on here but I'm very much a jeans person and I'm not sure if I'd find it a bit girly for me :blush:. Is your Kelly rouge h? I'd love to see a photo of it with the twilly if possible please?
  14. I'm a jeans person as well and don't think a twilly is girlie girl at all. A nice canvas strap also makes it casual.
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  15. It's beautiful! Thank you. I think the colour goes perfectly on this. It might be tricky to match one up to my red, but I will keep an eye out :smile:
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